Backlit Signs
Business signs help make your brand and company stand out among the rest, which is why having backlit signs hanging outdoors or even on the inside of your business can be a good idea. If you have never considered it before, Backlit Signs are a unique business signage product and is an option for virtually every company. These types of advertising signs display an image or message on the front, but use specialty light bulbs from behind so that the front of the sign stands out. Indeed, backlit signs are a great way to attract new customers to your business or make a specialty sale or message display brightly from the roadside.
Tec Art Industries specializes in backlit signs. They've been making backlit signs for many Fortune 500 companies since 1989. For more than twenty years, Tec Art Industries located in Wixom, Michigan has produced only the finest business advertising products for its customers. Well-known companies that have hired Tec Art to improve their company's business signage include Hershey's, King Koil, AT&T and Sirius Satellite Radio.

TecNeon and TecLite Light Boxes

Some of the backlit signs products that we offer include specialty TecNeon and TecLite Light Boxes. The TecNeon Light Boxes are Backlit Signs that feature a simple design that is simple to operate. With this product, you get a ready-to-use business sign that looks great whether you hang it from the ceiling or in a window. The TecLite backlit signs, on the other hand, are a more economical option for companies that want a simple and effective business sign. The TecLite Light Box has a simple framing system and ABS housing unit that is built to last.

TecTwo Double-Sided Light Boxes

One of the backlit signs that allows you to display a message both on the front and back of the light box is Tec Art's TecTwo Double-Sided Light Box. This is a high-quality blow-molded business sign light box that offers astounding value and allows your business message to be seen from both directions. It uses cool-operating GE T-8 straight-line bulbs, which is what gives the sign the even lighting throughout.

The AlumiTec Series

Tec Art's AlumiTec series include backlit signs and light boxes that are not only high quality and durable business signage, but to give customers the "wow" factor about your company. The AlumiTec backlit signs include standard light boxes made from high-quality anodized aluminum and the AlumiTec Elite line made with a sleek black or silver finish. Stackable backlit signs in the AlumiTec series also are available if you'd like something more unique.
Aside from the best business signage products in the industry, Tec Art's backlit signs are virtually maintenance-free aside from changing your business message or image. Hanging and mounting hardware is included at no extra cost and many times hanging backlit signs only takes a few minutes.

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