Coroplast Signs

When it comes to advertising product brands and services, businesses use a variety of signage, such as Coroplast Signs, illuminated light boxes, and vinyl banners. Perhaps you have already tried, with or without success, hanging these types of products around your storefront to increase sales for a specific product line. However, many companies need a real plan whether using Coroplast Signs or other business signage to advertise.

This is where Tec Art Industries comes in. Tec Art is a business signage manufacturing company located in Wixom, Michigan, that has been in operation since 1989. They make specialize in manufacturing light boxes, but also have vinyl banners, promotional flex blades,
Coroplast Signs, metal tacker signs, and several other advertising products. They offer custom solutions to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Tec Art has plenty of options to choose from for any size budget.

Signs and Banners

Even though these are sometimes used as an interim advertising solution or for a more short-term strategy, promotional banners and Coroplast Signs can have a unique effect on your business. Placed in the right areas with the right message and brand image, you can boost sales and watch attention grow over a product you're promoting using a custom Tec Art business sign.

Perhaps the first type of product from Tec Art that you should consider is one of our advertising flags and flex blades. These advertising business flags are great if you're looking for something like
Coroplast Signs, are made from high-quality banner materials and can contain your custom logo printed in UV-resistant inks. These types of flex blades make great advertising products if you have a special promotion and you want to catch a consumer's attention as soon as they walk into the store. Tec Art has flex blades and banners in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want a smaller 9-foot flex blade or a larger 17-foot flex blade, Tec Art will work with customers to customize signs.

Metal Tacker Signs

An alternative to the traditional Coroplast Signs made from sturdy plastic are Tec Art's metal tacker signs. A metal tacker sign is made from strong anodized aluminum material and offers an incredible value for your advertising campaign. These sturdy metal tacker signs will display your image or brand logo brilliantly with vibrant colors that last for many years to come. Contact Tec Art today to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable sales representative to learn more about the business signage you need for your business.

Tec Art Industries has many advertising signs to get you started whether you want something similar to
Coroplast Signs or even a metal tacker sign. The quality that you get from Tec Art business signage is unmatched by virtually any other company.


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