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Lighted Signs

There is no doubt lighted signs are an integral part of many company's advertising and marketing campaigns from the mom and pop to the Fortune 500

Tec Art Industries, Inc., a Wixom, Michigan-based sign company, has been providing companies with lighted sign solutions for more than 20 years. If your looking for lighted signs for your company's advertising campaign, Tec Art offers numerous lighted sign options for your to consider.

From sleek, seamless light boxes to custom neon signs to back-lit ready-made signs, Tec Art can help you find the lighted signs you need to market your company and its products.

Here are a few examples of some of the lighted signs all made in the USA - Tec Art offers.

AlumiTec Light boxes are an affordable aluminum back-lit box. It comes in 15 standard sizes from 8''x 24'' to 36''x 48. Hang AlumiTec light boxes on the wall or from the ceiling. You can also mount these lighted signs to just about any counter-top surface. Installation and maintenance is quick and easy no tools are required. The AlumiTec brand also has Elite and Stackable models.

The AlumiTec Elite Light Box is the top-of-the-line light box Tec Art offers. These light boxes have a thin profile with a front mounted face panels and an aluminum snap, which allows for easy opening change out panels. The Elite model is available with rounded or mitered corners. There is also a double sided display model available for an additional cost. The Elite is available in seven standard sizes from 13x13 to 36x 48. However, the Elite can be customized to fit the clients specific needs.

If you are running out of space in the window or on the counter top but want to advertise additional products, services or messages, AlumiTec Stackable Light Boxes can compliment the lighted signs your already have on display without taking up too much space. Available in 81/2x 30, the stackable model sits on top of the 13x 30 or 18 x 30 AlumiTec light box models.

There are more than 450 titles already available with Tec Art's Back-Lit Ready Made title signs, such OPEN, ATM, Check Cashing, Money Orders and many food and business titles. Sitting on a counter top or hanging in a window, these back-lit ready made title signs are the perfect way to tell customers you are open for business. These back lit signs offer all the benefits of traditional neon lighted signs at a fraction of the price.

For more information about lighted signs and how Tec Art Industries can help you choose the right sign for your company, explore their online catalog or call today to talk to the friendly, knowledgeable sales staff.

Call Tec Art today: 1-800-466-7609 or locally 1-248-624-8880