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Our Latests and Greatest New Product Introduction!      


We are now lighting up our most popular light box - the 13"x24" Tec Neon - using energy efficient, super bright LEDs. We are not using light guide panels or other edge lighting techniques. Instead, we are back lighting this sign so that it can shine brightly when hung in a window just like our current fluorescent light boxes. The latest lighting technology is now available at an affordable price!                                                                                                             

Thinner and Lighter than Traditional Light Boxes                                                                           Click Here to BUY NOW

  • The EcoTec light box is only 3 1/2" thick. Traditional light boxes are typically 4 1/2" to 5" thick.
  • All 4 sides are angled inward to give it an even thinner appearance.
  • The EcoTec light box weighs less than 3 lbs. Traditional light boxes weigh 4-5 lbs or even more.

Brighter than LED Edge Lit Signs

  • The EcoTec light box is bright enough to hang in a window.
  • It is just as bright as a fluorescent light box.
  • We are using 3-chip SMD LEDs to provide the brightest, whitest light and still maintain even lighting without hot spots.

Very Cost Effective

  • Less expensive than similar sized edge lit LED signs.
  • LED lamp life is over 70,000 hours. No bulbs to replace!
  • The energy usage of the EcoTec light box is half as much as for the same sized light box utilizing 2 circle line (8") fluorescent bulbs.
  • This light box will pay for itself in energy savings in as little as 3 years!
  • Use screen printed faces just like with fluorescent light boxes to keep your costs low or digitally printed transparencies like what you would need for an edge lit LED sign.

Easy Open Frame allows you to change out faces with no tools required

Hang Kit and Wall Mounting Hardware are included



Contact a Tec Art sales professional to find out how much you can save with LED Back Lit Signs!
Click here for pricing on custom printed faces and larger quantities.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs   Image

LED Epoxy Resin Signs are one of our most popular new product categories.  

We use Super Bright LEDs to back light a sign that is made in a custom shape to best show off your brand or logo. It is a terrific replacement for Neon signs.

Below are several examples of different LED Epoxy Resin Signs that we can make.

Contact a Tec Art sales professional to find out how to "Let Tec Art Bring Your Brand to Life" with LED Epoxy Resin Signs!

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