A frame sidewalk sign

Attracting business with an A Frame Sidewalk Sign


Using an A frame sidewalk sign, banner, or other type of outdoor advertising can help build an image for your business and attract customers to your store front. Having the right type of signage can help reel in profits by informing customers who may not know about specific products or services your business has to offer. With an A frame sidewalk sign, you'll find that creating an image for your business is both simple and effective.




Easy to customize and simple to install, an A frame sidewalk sign provides worry free advertising for any of your products and services. These signs are made from durable weather proof plastic and are perfect for outdoor advertising. The A frame sidewalk sign is light weight and portable. These signs can be placed in almost any location. Once placed in a desired location, fill the sign with water or sand to prevent it from falling over. Want to change locations? Just dump out the water or sand, fold, and carry to new location. The collapsible design of the sign makes it easy to carry and store. The slim design allows these signs to fit under tables, behind doors, and beneath counter tops.


Fast, fun, and convenient, Tec Art Industries provides signage for all of your advertising needs. Ordering your A-frame sidewalk signs is as easy as one, two, three. One: visit their website. Two: design your customized signage. Three: place your order.




These brightly colored signs are designed to catch the customer's attention. Tec Art Industries manufactures two types of A frame sidewalk sign. The basic A frame sidewalk sign measures 24'' x 36'' in size. The large panel available in yellow, white, red, orange, green, blue, and black allows you to add any graphic or words of your choice. A second version of Tec Art's sidewalk sign is the write-on board design. This feature allows you to draw and create your own images by hand with dry erase markers. Each order comes with its own package of dry erase markers. There is no limit to your advertising possibilities with a write-on board sidewalk sign. Use them to advertise sales, products, promotions, restaurant menus, and more.


Creative placement of these signs allows for more product exposure. Place them near sidewalks, curbs, or door fronts. Great for indoor advertising as well, these signs can be used in lobbies, waiting rooms, and receptionist areas.


Boosting Sales


By posting information near the store front using an A frame sidewalk sign, customers become aware of what products or services your business has to offer. Using this type of advertising creates product interest, and curious customers may come into the store seeking further information. Often times, using an A frame sidewalk sign to advertise a specific product or service helps to boost the popularity of the service and aid in the increase of sales.


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