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Illuminated Signage Products and Features


Placing illuminated signage in your business is an excellent idea for attracting customers and promoting your brand image. When approaching the store front, customers should be greeted with attractive advertisements that provide them with information about your business and business services. There are many options for designing effective illuminated signage for all of your advertising needs.


Tec Art Industries


Tec Art Industries has been an established business signage manufacturer since 1989. They got their start by offering customized business advertisements from simple plastic light boxes. Tec Art worked hard at perfecting a proprietary ink formula that when applied to acrylic face panels and back-lit with fluorescent bulbs would glow like neon. And thus, there first brand, TecNeon, was born.


For the last 20 years, Tec Art Industries have been revolutionizing the manufacturing of illuminated signage. Their business has increased, and Tec Art has expanded their line of signage offerings to include a variety of sign sizes and designs.


Tec Art Industries has serviced many popular brands, including Monster Energy Drink, Hershey's Ice Cream, Sirius Satellite Radio and King Koil. They have grown to a one stop shop for point of purchase signage and displays with the ability to offer banners, metal tacker signs, custom floor mats among many other products used to advertise any business.


Popular Products


Now that Tec Art has expanded its products and services they have the ability to offer illuminated signage in many styles. The AlumiTec Light Box is the most basic form of light box advertising. The AlumiTec Light Box is available in 15 different sizes. These light boxes feature a quality black anodized metal housing unit and can be mounted on the wall or counter top. Tec Art Industries allows for fully customized image panels allowing you to use any graphics you choose to advertise your business.


Tec Art Industries also manufactures an upscale version of the basic light box called the AlumiTec Elite. This version is also made of anodized aluminum and can either have mitered or rounded corners. The AlumiTec Elite Light Box are sure to make your image or brand logo stand out whether you have screen-printed or photo-transparent artwork.


The TecNeon Light Boxes are another popular type of illuminated signage. TecNeon signs can be displayed almost anywhere and feature ready-to-use, low maintenance operation as soon as it arrives. These signs are easy to customize with any text or graphics you choose. Use them to highlight products and services your business has to offer. TecNeon signs are affordable and can be customized easily to your exact needs and specifications.


Also available are the TecTwo Double-Sided Light Box and the AlumiTec Stackable Light Box designed to save space while still delivering your brand image. Tec Art Industries prides itself in providing quality illuminated signage to meet your business needs.


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