Backlit Lightbox

Types of Backlit Lightbox

Setting up an advertising campaign and creating a brand image is a difficult task for many companies.  When choosing an interior sign, or backlit lightbox, it's important to select signage that carries out your brand image throughout the business.  Having the right look is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on your customers.  Fortunately, there are several signage options to choose from when building this image.

One option that Tec Art Industries offers is the backlit lightbox.  These light boxes are a unique business signage product and are an option for virtually every company. These types of advertising signs display an image or message on the front but use specialty light bulbs from behind so that the front of the sign stands out.

Tec Art Industries manufactures six types of backlit lightbox.  These light box models include the AlumiTec Elite, the AlumiTec, the AlumiTec Stackable, the TecTwo Double-Sided, the TecNeon and the TecLite.  Each light box can be fully customized to meet the advertising needs of your business.

The AlumiTec and The AlumiTec Elite Light Boxes

The AlumiTec is an affordable aluminum backlit lightbox that is available in fifteen standard sizes.  This lightbox provides high quality illumination to any customized message or graphic. The unit can be either single or double sided.  Installing the AlumiTec Light Box is quick, easy and tool-free.

The AlumiTec Elite backlit lightbox creates incredible visual impact for your message. Whether it is a screen printed or transparency panel the light will radiate and bring your brand to life.  Available in seven sizes, it's made out of anodized aluminum with black or silver finish to enhance any graphic installed whether it is screen printed or photo transparency panel.

Both boxes feature quick change snap frame technology.  No tools are required for installation. These  light boxes can be mounted to walls, counter tops, and even ceilings.

TecNeon and TecLite Light Boxes

TecNeon signs are designed to make advertising easy.  These affordable light boxes can be customized easily to meet your exact needs and specifications. The TecNeon's panels and graphics are easily changed with no tools required.  Want a little more freedom to change and customize your light box?  Try the TecNeon write-on light box.  This light box allows you to draw, write and design your own advertisements with the simplicity of a dry erase board.

If you're looking for a more affordable, yet just as effective, backlit lightbox, then the TecLite Light Box is the answer.  This lightweight light box gives your graphics and text a bright, clean look while also providing the convenience to change graphics quickly without the use of tools.  Like all of Tec Art Industries products, this backlit lightbox is manufactured in the USA.


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