Illuminated Signs

Hanging Illuminated Signs around your business storefront is great idea if you're trying to attract customer to a brand or promotional deal. It's also a good idea if you simply want to illuminate your company's name and instill a brand image in your customer's minds.

When customers walk into your store and see your
Illuminated Signs then chances are that they'll remember when thinking about taking future trips to your business. Businesses need to take into consideration all of this and the necessity of such business signs and light boxes when planning an advertising strategy. Whether using ultra-thin Illuminated Signs or stackable light boxes, there are lots of ideas to choose.

Tec Art Industries' specialty area is
Illuminated Signs for Fortune 500 companies as well as independent mom-and-pop operations. They have been in business since 1989 in Wixom, Michigan. They have worked with many well-known brands such as Hyosung, Coca-Cola, King Koil, Monster Energy and other independent brands throughout the country.

Tec Art Industries has several different brands of
Illuminated Signs. These include the AlumiTec Light box, AlumiTec Elite light box, TecTwo light box and TecLite light box. They have several standard sizes and options available. Custom sizes are also available with some light box models. Call Tec Art Industries to speak to a sales associate about custom ordering Illuminated Signs.

AlumiTec Light Box

The first type of illuminated sign is your most basic light box. A light box is a sign in the form of a small or large box depending on the size that you order. Your message or business logo is lit up from behind. Tec Art's AlumiTec is one the popular types of these Illuminated Signs.

You can order the AlumiTec Light Box in fifteen different sizes from 8x24 inches to 36x48 inches. Tec Art can customize an AlumTec light box to your specifications. These
Illuminated Signs feature a quality black anodized metal housing unit and can be hung from the wall, ceiling or mounted on a countertop.

AlumiTec Elite Light Box

Tec Art Industries also manufactures an upscale version of the AlumiTec Light Box, called the AlumiTec Elite. This premium version is also made of anodized aluminum. However, the AlumiTec Elite Illuminated Signs come with a clear acrylic diffuser panel, a clear polycarbonate sheet for protection can can either have mitered or rounded corners. The AlumiTec Elite also features Tec Art's snap-frame technology allowing you to switch out advertisements and graphics with ease. The AlumiTec Elite Light Box will make your image or brand logo stand out whether you have screen-printed or photo-transparent artwork.

There are plenty of other different options from Tec Art Industries if you're looking for
Illuminated Signs. Tec Art has alternative ultra-thin light panels as well as double-sided and even stackable light boxes. Whether you want to get custom Illuminated Signs or another business signage product, call Tec Art today.



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