Slim Lightboxes
Whether you have used traditional lightboxes or even Slim Lightboxes in the past to highlight your business message with no success, there are several products and services from Tec Art Industries that will rival any business signage that your company has used in the past. All of Tec Art's products are supremely different from other companies' business signs in a few distinct ways: cost, quality, and proprietary solutions.

Indeed, Tec Art Industries have been working with not only Fortune 500 companies but also traditional mom-and-pop businesses all over the United States since 1989. Located in Wixom, Michigan, we have over twenty years of a reputation making quality business signage, including Slim Lightboxes and other promotional signs.

Why Use Slim Lightboxes

Businesses of all kinds make use not only have business signs, banners, flags, and flashing neon signs but also of other kinds of advertising such as lightboxes. One of the things that makes using Slim Lightboxes stand out is that they look modern, they create eye-catching displays and are efficient in catching customers' attention and getting your message across. In addition, Slim Lightboxes as well as traditional full-width lightboxes are easy to set up and can easily be set-up anywhere whether you're hanging them indoors or outdoors on a wall.

The Lightboxes of Tec Art Industries

Some of the products that we are most well known for is our traditional yet unique lightboxes. You can get our traditional, stackable, or even double-sided lightbox. However, our AlumiTec Elite product line is a series of Slim Lightboxes in which you truly get a premium, modern product for the price. The AlumiTec Elite lightbox is a single-sided lightbox that will make your message stand out whether you're inserting a screen-printed or transparent panel.

This lightbox contains not only a superb lighting unit, but also can be ordered with interesting custom effects. For example, you can order the AlumiTec Elite in either a Black or Silver finish, which enhances your lightbox image. The product can also be ordered with either mitered or rounded corners, which makes the depth of your lightbox image stand out as well. Since our AlumiTec Elite is one of our most specialty product, it can be ordered as double-sided or as one of our ultra-thin Slim Lightboxes for an upgrade.

Amazing LED Light Panels

One of the other business signage products that you can order from Tec Art Industries, however, is our LED light panels. You may or may not have previously thought about these types of business signs as Slim Lightboxes, but they do a very great job at making your message shine. For example, our LED edge-lit signs are Slim Lightboxes that use our proprietary techniques to create crisp messages and images. In another example, Tec Art's EvenLit Premiere Light Panels are Slim Lightboxes that contain a high-quality cell-cast acrylic sheet that diffuses the LED light source to create a bright display.

There are certainly many options to consider if you're looking into purchasing lightboxes or other business signs for your company. Tec Art Industries has many options to choose from and even offers custom work whether you need Slim Lightboxes or other promotional company signs.

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