A Frame Sidewalk Signs

Advertising with A Frame Sidewalk Signs


Creating effective outdoor advertising can be made simple with A frame sidewalk signs. These signs provide numerous opportunities to feature your business' products and services on a day to day basis without hassle.


Outdoor Advertising


A frame sidewalk signs are made from coroplast, which is a durable and weather resistant plastic. The sign's collapsible design makes very portable and easy to store. These features make using A frame sidewalk signs ideal for advertising your business virtually anywhere. These signs are not just for sidewalks. They can be posted near entrances and curbs. Creative placement of these signs allows for optimum attention from consumers. When installing A frame sidewalk signs, be sure that the sign is in a location that will not cause accidents. To prevent the sign from falling over, simply fill it with water or sand to weigh the sign down.


Designing Options


A frame sidewalk signs typically have a panel that is 24'' x 36'' in size. Depending on your advertising needs, Tec Art Industries allows you to design your A frame sidewalk signs using any graphics or wording that you'd like. These signs are available in yellow, white, red, orange, green, blue, and black. Tec Art Industries also manufactures a write-on board sign that allows you to create, erase, and personalize your advertising using the included dry erase markers. These designing options allow you to create eye catching advertisements for any of your products and services. To get started simply design and order online.


Other Uses


A frame sidewalk signs have a variety of uses. You can use them outdoors to draw in customers with your specials and sales, or simply to create an image for your business. These signs can also be used indoors to advertise restaurant menus and prices, promote special events, and more. When your finished for the day, break down the sign and store it just about anywhere. These signs fit great in small closets and behind doors. Have more than one sign? Try folding and stacking them on top one and other.


Tec Art Industries has been making these signs convenient and affordable for over twenty years. They have manufactured these and other types of signage for companies like AT&T, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Hershey's. Cost efficient and effective advertising, what can A frame sidewalk signs do for your business?


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