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Use Wall Signage to market your business

Marketing and advertising your business goes beyond standard advertising stategies. Your business' image and brand must be carried into the business itself.  Choosing which type of wall signage to use is crucial to decorating your business and ensuring image and brand is preserved.  A well-rounded, thought out advertising strategy takes advantage of not just one type of wall signage, but many. Items to be considered include banners and posters, neon lighted signs and LED lighted panels.  With the right type of wall signage, it isn't difficult to make your products and services stand out.

About Tec Art Industries

Tec Art Industries has been in business for over twenty years manufacturing a multitude of business signage.  Since being established in 1989, Tec Art Industries has produced wall signage for companies like Coca-Cola, Hershey's, and Monster Energy Drink. Priding itself in quality and convenience, Tec Art Industries strives to produce personalized business signage for all of your advertising needs.

Banners and Posters

Tec Art Industries offers state-of-the-art banners that can either be screen-printed, created with digital works or even used with dye-sublimation. These banners are perfect for short-term promotions, such as a store's grand-opening ceremony or special event. This type of wall signage is versatile and can be hung almost anywhere. Banners and posters are most effective when hung on main walls that are visible to the customer when the enter the business. They can even be hung on the outside walls near the doorway to attract customers into the business.

Neon Lighted Signs

One type of wall signage Tec Art Industries has to offer is neon lighted signs. These signs are perfect for indoor use and can be mounted on almost any wall. They can be used in restaurants, bars and night clubs to draw attention to drink or meal specials. Tec Art's neon lighted signs are not only environmentally friendly but energy efficient and long lasting.  They come in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to catch the attention of customers.

LED Lighted Panels

LED lighted panels offer high density illumination to any graphic or image.  Using the latest LED technology, Tec Art Industries manufactures this type of wall signage to be extremely bright, crisp and eye catching.  Less than one-half inch thick, these lighted panels can be mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling.  LED lighted panels are great for advertising product releases and services. Like the neon signs Tec Art Industries manufactures, these, too, are environmentally friendly, and last up to ten years or more with no flickering, dark spots, and bulb replacement. LED lighted panels offer lower energy cost, high durability and maintenance free operation, taking the use of wall signage to a whole new level.


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