Window Signage

When you're trying to plan for the types of signs your business is going to use, Window Signage, wall signs, posters, and outdoor signs should be considered. Window Signage provides illumination to your sign and entire business store, which can easily be seen from the road and attract customers. Wall signs, posters and outdoor signs are promotional business signage tools that can help direct customers to specialty products and promotions. Promotional signs also enhance the company's image.

Window Signage products and other indoor and outdoor signs are available from Tec Art Industries, a Wixom, Michigan, company that has been doing business for over twenty years. A few companies in its portfolio include Sirius Satellite Radio, Coca-Cola, King Koil, and Hershey's Ice Cream. Tec Art also works with small businesses.
Lighted Neon Signs

One of the first products that Tec Art has to offer in the way of
Window Signage is lighted neon signs. Tec Art's LED ready-made title signs are not only environmentally-friendly, but energy-efficient and long lasting because of the LED light sources they use. If you're interested in these Windows Signage products, you can get a ready-made title sign that features flashing or even light-chasers.

In addition to the traditional lighted neon signs that come with standard messages, Tec Art has their specialty TecNeon brand of back-lit, ready-made title signs. These are similar to the traditional LED signs with the exception that these
Window Signage products are illuminated by a back light instead of a direct one. The TecNeon title signs are available in a multitude of categories, including signs for the restaurant and food industry, check cashing, wireless, dry cleaning, and even automotive. This type of Window Signage comes in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles from which you can choose.

Custom Window Signage

Another of the options that you have for custom Window Signage is Tec Art's custom neon signs. These are neon signs that help your customers remember your company. The brilliance of the neon look brightens your brand and makes it stand out among the typical Window Signage seen at many businesses. Whether you want your entire company name and logo lit up with a custom neon sign or you just want a small logo, anything is possible with the customization work that Tec Art Industries offers.

Of course, alternatives to these marketing business sign products include the company's light boxes, metal tacker signs, A-Frame signs, promotional banners, and poster stands, all of which can be used in different ways to promote your brand and business. Whether you need
Window Signage products or want to use an alternative, Tec Art offers plenty of choices for both large and small businesses.

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