Thin Light Boxes
Whether you're considering promotional banners, billboard signs, wide or even Thin Light Boxes to advertise your business message, chances are that you'll want to take several things into considerations before deciding on a promotional plan. First, you want your business advertising signage to have functionality; you want your customers and passers-by to actually see the advertising. Second, you want affordable options whether you're buying Thin Light Boxes or advertising flags. Third, and most importantly, you want your business sign to get noticed.

All three of those things are distinct possibilities when working with Tec Art Industries to find the right business advertising solutions. We have worked with reputable companies such as Coca-Cola as well as many Fortune 500 companies as well as small mom-and-pop businesses. Tec Art Industries is located in Wixom, Michigan, and has been working in the business signage industry since 1989. We know that customers want quality as well as affordability when looking for business advertising products.

Options for Thin Light Boxes

Tec Art Industries has several options if you're looking for a solution for Thin Light Boxes. The first product that we offer in the line of Thin Light Boxes is our specialty TecLite Light Box. This is a more economical option for those who want an effective back-lit sign for their business. Our TecLite Thin Light Boxes are slimmer than the standard light boxes, but they are made with a quality lightweight material and ABS housing unit. This is a product that is definitely built to last and easy to operate. In fact, your business message is easily changed without bulky tools or hardware. Not only is this one of the options that you have if you want to have a quick installation of the sign but the TecLite is also something to consider if you want quality and affordability.

Traditional Alternatives

As you may have already found out, traditional light boxes can be expensive. One of the Thin Light Boxes alternatives that we provide for our customers is the LED light panels. The LED-lit light panels function as Thin Light Boxes, but give off an impression of something much more unique. These light panels are not only ultra-thin, but they also come in a variety of sizes and a variety of options to meet your business advertising needs.

For example, our EvenLit Premiere LED Light Panels is one of the options you can choose if you're looking for Thin Light Boxes. These light panels contain our exclusive Evenlit acrylic sheet, are made to withstand for ten years with no flickering or light interruptions, and are available in specialty anodized finishes that make the sign stand out even more. The other EvenLit sign we have is our EvenLit Profile LED Light Panel, and this is a light panel that is one of the thinnest available under one-inch in depth. Of course, you can also get the Crystal LED Light Panel, which is a basic panel that has a magnetic closure instead of a snap-frame.

Whichever of the Thin Light Boxes that you decide to choose, our customers rest assured that they receive quality with every product. Tec Art Industries' products are all easy to use, especially with the snap-frames as is the case with most of our Thin Light Boxes.

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