Corporate Signage

Creating a business identity definitely helps with a branding strategy. Perhaps that's why Corporate Signage is used by many different types of companies both large and small. Corporate Signage products include back-lit light boxes, portable signs and banners, promotional flags, and a variety of other products. When choosing to display this type of Corporate Signage, business want to ensure that the business signage product they choose will stand out and attract customers to their services and products.

Tec Art Industries is a business signage company located in Wixom, Michigan, that has been providing
Corporate Signage services to for large and small companies since 1989. For more than twenty years, Tec Art Industries has manufactured state-of-the-art signage products for all kinds of companies, such as The Coca-Cola Company, AllTel Wireless, King Koil, Monster Energy Drink and Englander. Tec Art Industries offers Corporate Signage products as and business signs for event promotions and all other types of advertising.

The Light Box

Perhaps one of the best Corporate Signage products available for advertising and branding campaigns is the traditional light box. Tec Art offers several variations of the back-lit light box to display a graphic, image, or simple message in lights. The AlumiTec Light Box is Tec Art Industries' traditional light box. We also have the AlumiTec Elite, which is an upscale version of the regular AlumiTec Light Box.

Customers can also order double-sided light boxes, stackable light boxes, and light boxes for every other type of situation. One of the products that Tec Art offers is the ultra-thin LED Light Panels, which act as ultra-thin light boxes for those who want an alternative. These light boxes display bright colors, have long-lasting light sources, and are versatile. These can be placed almost anywhere and are perfect for a quality, modernized branding strategy.

Promotional Signs

The other Corporate Signage products are promotional signs and banners. Tec Art offers state-of-the-art banners that can either be screen-printed, created with digital works, or even used with dye-sublimation. These banners are perfect for short-term promotions, such as store's grand-opening ceremony . Of course, Tec Art Industries also have promotional flags and flex blades, which are made with high-quality material and are great for portable advertising campaigns. These promotional sign are also UV-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand any indoor environment.

Tec Art manufactures several different types of Corporate Signage products that can be used in a variety of situations. Traditional light boxes, upscale light boxes, and even promotional banners and flex blades are only some of the high-quality Corporate Signage products that business owners can choose from for their advertising campaigns.


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