Aluminum Signage

Metal Tacker Signs and other Aluminum Signage


Finding inexpensive and effective ways to draw attention to your business is not always an easy task. Through the use of aluminum signage, you can create a unique brand image that's sure to attract customers and generate business.


There are two main types of aluminum signage available from Tec Art Industries. These options include the original Metal Tacker signs and the AlumiTec Light Boxes. Whether seeking a simple, classic look, or a bold bright new shine, each product offers customized features to help bring your brand image to life.


Metal Tacker Signs


Reminiscent of the old metal advertisements that can be found on the walls at the corner store, the Metal Tacker sign is a staple of aluminum signage advertising. These classic, yet highly effective, advertising signs are how Tec Art Industries began building their signage industry over twenty years ago. They're fully customizable with any color, graphic, or design. Add options like a chalkboard, clock, or thermometer to give your advertisement functionality as more than just a Metal Tacker sign. Feel free to be creative with these signs as they can be manufactured in many custom shapes and sizes. For additional attention, emboss your metal sign for a multi-dimensional look.


This rugged aluminum signage is adaptable to any situation and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each Metal Tacker sign is coated with a weather resistant UV clear coat to seal and protect your advertisement. Metal Tacker signs look great in windows, garages, near store front entries, and more. Use them to advertise products and services or simply to decorate you business.


AlumiTec Light Boxes


The AlumiTec and AlimiTec Elite light boxes are one of Tec Art's most popular aluminum signage. These light boxes are durable, long lasting and require little to no maintenance. They can be mounted on walls, counter tops or even from the ceiling.


AlumiTec Light boxes are an affordable aluminum back-lit box that comes in fifteen standard sizes. You can customize your light box with any graphics or text that you desire or choose from Tec Art Industries ready-made signs. Their ready-made collection contains over 450 titles and features popular titles such as, “Open,” “ATM,” “Money Orders,” and many food and business titles. Sitting on the counter top, hanging in a window or mounted on the wall, these ready-made title signs are the perfect way to let customers know about your products and services.


If you're running out of space or simply wish to display your advertisement in a new way, AlumiTec Stackable Light Boxes can compliment already in place AlumiTec signs without creating clash or clutter.


The AlumiTec Light Box series offers all of the benefits of traditional neon lighted signs at a fraction of the price. Tec Art Industries prides itself in making aluminum signage both effective and affordable.


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