LED Signs

Artwork Requirements for LED Signs


LED signs are an exciting, state-of-the-art form of advertising. These types of signs are quickly taking up popularity in a number of both small and large businesses. When deciding to use LED signs to advertise your business, it's important to know which products and features are available. Tec Art Industries offers a full line of LED light panels that each feature their own customized options.


LED Panels


Not all LED signs are created the same. Tec Art's EvenLit panel uses nothing but the highest quality, longest-lasting LEDs to ensure that your images are showcased brilliantly for ten years or more. Tec Art guarantees that these LED lights will not flicker or fade. These high density illumination panels are amazingly thin and can be easily mounted to any wall or hung in any window. LED panels are innovative and eye catching. The bright, colorful displays attract the attention of any and all who pass by. LED panels are excellent for featuring new products and sales. They can also provide information about your business, including upcoming events and promotions. These signs are fully customizable with any colors, graphics or images you'd like to effectively advertise your business.


LED signs offer lower energy cost, high durability and maintenance free operation. Lower energy cost means environmentally friendly. A single kilowatt-hour of electricity generates 1.34 pounds of emissions. Assuming the average light bulb is on for ten hours a day, a single 40-watt incandescent bulb will generate 196 pounds every year. A 13-watt LED equivalent burns more vibrant and bright yet only emits 63 pounds over the same lifespan. This means, LED lighting is a more energy efficient light source and reduces the amount of harmful emissions released into the Earth's atmosphere. LEDs are also non-toxic. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are mercury free.


Artwork Requirements


When creating your artwork for your LED signs, the manufacturers at Tec Art Industries recommend that you surround your work with a black border. You must supply color output with PMS colors marked. All printer and screen fonts should also be provided.


To make sure your artwork is compatible with Tec Art's computer designing programs, it is important to format your files under these guidelines:


  • Illustrator files - all file types must be outlined

  • Freehand files - use 'create paths' command to outline file type

  • Quark, PageMaker, and Power Points - all need to be redrawn in Illustrator and converted to RGB files

  • Corel Draw - use 'create curves' command to outline file type. Save files as Corel Draw 12 or lower


Also, it is best to provide Tec Art Industries with files as close to the finished product as possible. It is important in order to achieve the actual look you desire for you LED signs.


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