Slimline Light Boxes
Backlit light boxes are some of the most popular products when it comes to business advertising. Backlit signs such as Slimline Light Boxes, double-sided and stackable light boxes are all products that Tec Art Industries offers. If you're looking for the best value and craftsmanship, Tec Art Industries offers that and more. Since 1989 Wixom, Michigan-based Tec Art Industries has worked with prominent national companies, such as Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and LG to produce only the very best in business advertising.

One of the most important things that Slimline Light Boxes can do for your business is to enhance your company's brand image sleek, slender design, while simultaneously making your message or logo stand out to customers. Companies who choose light boxes of any kind find that they're attractive to the customer's eyes, get noticed more easily, and help to make the business stand out altogether. Light boxes illuminate messages, photos, and logos from behind, which is part of the novelty of regular or Slimline Light Boxes.

Light Box Brands from Tec Art

Tec Art Industries has several light box brands and make light boxes with only the highest quality materials. For instance, Tec Art's AlumiTec Elite products are available in regular light boxes and Slimline Light Boxes. Slimline light Boxes are characterized by their extremely thin profile. The Alumitec Elite slim light box can be manufactured to a thikness of 2 inches. Customers can get these products with a Black or Silver finish and can choose either mitered or rounded edges for a unique look. Each box has an anodized aluminum frame. In addition, the frame features snap-in technology, which makes the AlumiTec Elite Slimline Light Boxes easy to quickly change graphic as advertising campaigns change.

Edge-Lit Signs

Some of the more-unique business advertising products are LED edge-lit signs and LED light panels. These are state-of-the-art products are ultra-thin, but are not Slimline Light Boxes. Tec Art's LED Edge-Lit signs use proprietary technology to make edge-lighting. All LED edge lit signs create eye-catching, crisp images that will stand out whether you are hanging them indoors or on the outside of your building.
A few options you have to choose from when selecting LED light signs include EvenLit Premiere LED Light Panels, EvenLit Profile LED Light Panel, and Crystal LED Light Panel. All of these products consume less energy since LEDs are long-lasting and easy to maintain and operate.
All in all, there are definitely many different types of attactive, state-of-the-art signage that you can choose from for your company. All of Tec Art Industries' options for Slimline Light Boxes or LED lighting will enhance your image, illuminate your messages brightly, and contribute toward a successful advertising and marketing campaign.

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