Backlit Lightboxes
In today's world companies have all sorts of modern advertising methods for their business that sometimes they don't think about Backlit Lightboxes or any of the traditional options such as those. However, even in the world of internet advertising, mobile phone and social networking advertising, it's important to get back to the basics of realizing why products such as Backlit Lightboxes are great for advertising the services and products you have. For starters, lightboxes display crisp, bright images to your customers that probably otherwise would not get noticed. In addition, this type of business signage advertising is flexible as it can be hung or placed virtually anywhere where you have space whether that is on a business desk or front window display.

If you're looking for a great selection in Backlit Lightboxes or another similar type of traditional business signage, Tec Art Industries specializes in this industry. We're a company that was started in 1989 in Wixom, Michigan and have over twenty years of experience working with business owners throughout the United States from large Fortune 500 companies down to the basic, mom-and-pop business operations.

When it comes to Backlit Lightboxes, we have several different options to choose from and we also offer custom solutions to clients who would like something slightly difference. Some of the Tec Art brands include the AlumiTec Light Box, AlumiTec Elite, TecTwo, TecNeon, as well as TecLite. All of these are Backlit Lightboxes that vary in terms of cost and purpose. For example, the TecLite Light Box is one of the Backlit Lightboxes we offer that is thinner and smaller in nature yet has a sturdy, ABS-housing unit and a framing system that is built to last.

On the other hand, some of the more upscale Backlit Lightboxes that Tec Art industries has to offer can be seen in our AlumiTec Elite as well as TecTwo brands of lightboxes. The TecTwo brand is a double-sided light box that allows your business message to be seen from both sides. In essence, this is two lightboxes rolled into one box. You don't have to worry about uneven illumination, though, as our TecTwo Double-Sided Backlit Lightboxes uses cool-operating, GE T-8 straight-line bulbs.

The AlumiTec Elite Backlit Lightboxes are products that are chosen by customers who want a more upscale-look and feel to the business signage that they buy. There are several ways that the AlumiTec Elite Light Box stands out from our other products as well as other companies' products. First, this business advertising sign gives customers the option of having either a smooth Silver or Black finish. Second, the Elite lightboxes come with either rounded or mitered corners for a premium look. Third, these Backlit Lightboxes contain a clear diffuser panel that creates the clear, crisp image and an overlaid polycarbonate cover sheet for outer protection of your business message or graphic.

All in all, investing in business signage is a serious issue that you probably don't want to take lightly. With Tec Art's premium Backlit Lightboxes among other custom options, no company should have a difficult time working with Tec Art to find the right solution.

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