Backlit Light Boxes
Decorating your business display with Backlit Light boxes is important for your branding and marketing strategies; they can help you attract more business and customers if you use them in the right places. Backlit Light Boxes, with their own internal lighting systems, create bright and eye-catching displays inside your main business storefront.
Tec Art Industries is based in Wixom, Michigan, and has been catering and providing Backlit Light Boxes to both Fortune 500 and mom and pop companies since 1989. In fact, throughout the years we have expanded the number of light box models that we make for businesses. You'll see that Tec Art creates Light Boxes that are both economical as well as superior in the business signage industry.

TecNeon Light Box

One of the simple Backlit Light Boxes that you can get for your company or business storefront is the TecNeon Light Box. This Light Box uses a cool-operating GE fluorescent bulb to lighten up the display box. Businesses can order this sign in one of ten different sizes and there is even a circular sign option for customers who want something different. With these popular Backlit Light Boxes you can change either the message or graphic easily as Tec Art has made it simple to use and operate.

TecLite Light Box

A more economical option for those who want something smaller but yet just as effective in front of their business is the rectangular TecLite Light Box. Of the many Backlit Light Boxes Tec Art produces, this is the solution that many smaller companies choose. It has a lightweight housing and framing system and customers can still change the graphics and display quickly without needing extra hardware or tools.

TecTwo Double-Sided

The TecTwo Double-Sided Light Box is a blow-molded plastic light box that gives you the ability to have two messages or graphic displays instead of just one. One of the more unique Backlit Light Boxes we offer, the TecTwo uses cool-operating, GE-brand T-8 straight-line bulbs to provide even illumination for both sides of the sign. This sign will definitely make an impact on your customers for your business.

AlumiTec Light box and AlumiTec Elite

The AlumiTec series Backlit Light Boxes are some of the more popular options that Tec Art Industries produces. First, the AlumiTec Backlit Light Boxes use the companies' proprietary ink formula so that these light boxes produce a brilliant display of neon lighting combined with a higher surface area for easy viewing and readability. The AlumiTec Light Box contains black anodized metal for housing the graphic or message that you have and comes in either a single- or double-sided model. On the other hand, the AlumiTec Elite is superior to that of the standard AlumiTec sign as it contains either a Black or Silver finish that enhances the Elite Backlit Light Boxes whether you're displaying a screen-printed or transparent graphic.
All things considered, Tec Art Industries provides more than enough options if you're looking for a light box to use for your business. From simple, economical choices such as the TecLite to full-scale double-sided AlumiTec Elite models, Tec Art has Backlit Light Boxes to suit any circumstance.

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