LED Signage

The Benefits of Using LED Signage


Before settling on standard fluorescent or neon lighting to advertise your business, consider the benefits of LED signage. LED lighting presents many advantages over both fluorescent and neon lighting. These advantages include lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, improved color and image and smaller, more compact designs.




A light emitting diode, or LED, is a semiconductor light source. LEDs were first used to replace incandescent, fluorescent and neon lighting. These early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light. Today, LEDs are available across the visible light of the electromagentic spectrum. They are very bright and colorful. These LEDs are more popularly used in computer screens, televisions and home lighting fixtures. More recently, these lights have been used to manufacture LED signage.


Environmentally Friendly


Typical LED signage manufactured by Tec Art Industries is designed to use a 24-volt design. This makes the use of LED lights safe and energy efficient. LED lights do not cause heat build up and can help lower air conditioning costs. Replacing a single fluorescent bulb with one LED light will keep a half-ton of CO-2 out of the atmosphere over the lifetime of the LED bulb. If every business in the United Sates advertised using energy efficient LED signage, they could retire nearly 90 average size power plants. Saving electricity reduces CO-2 emissions, sulfer oxide and high-level nuclear waste. Tec Art's EvenLit LED Light Panel options are mercury-free light panels. The slim style light casings are manufactured from 100% recyclable aluminum.


Environmentally Friendly Means Budget Friendly


Although LED lighting is initially expensive, the cost is reimbursed over time due to lower energy costs. Since LEDs do not have a filament, they are more durable and can last up to ten times longer than typical fluorescent or neon lights. Tec Art Industries guarantees your EvenLit Light Panels to showcase your advertisements for ten years or more with no flickering, no dark spots or fading and no bulbs or tubes to change, ever. Overall, these maintenance-free LED signs deliver extremely low total cost of ownership.


High Quality Images


Using the latest in LED technology, Tec Art Industries is able to manufacture LED signage with extremely bright, crisp images. These sign panels are eye-catching and demand attention. Tec Art Industries offers fully customizable options for all of their LED Light Panels. For a more artistic look, try Tec Art's Edge-Lit signs. Display the products and services that your business offers in a bold new way. These electrifying signs offer all of the same advantages of regular LEDs with more intensified, higher quality imaging. Seeing one of these LED edge-lit signs shining bright will help you to understand why LED signage is the latest in lit advertising.


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