Real Estate Signs

Putting a Home Up for Sale Using Real Estate Signs


As a Realtor, posting real estate signs on the front lawns of clients' homes is a gratifying experience. It allows you to see the progress and growth of your business. Real estate marketing has changed a lot over the years and knowing just how to stand out among competitors is key to success. Making your signs attractive and informative can promote new business as well as provide current clients with the comfort and stability they are looking for when buying or selling a home.


Real estate signs are the simplest form of real estate advertising. These curb side advertisements help clients, both buyers and sellers, find the home or Realtor that's right for them. With an ocean of real estate agents, having a sign that provides the information potential clients are seeking is a must. It is not uncommon that when designing and ordering their signs many Realtors include contact information or a photo. This information can help potential clients differentiate one Realtor from another. This is also a great way to use real estate signs to generate new business and create an impression on new clients.


Drawing Attention to the Product


Most importantly, real estate signs draw attention to your product. Putting a home up for sale is both stressful and exciting for many homeowners. Getting maximum exposure and a fast sale is difficult in the ever changing word of real estate. Homeowners have turned to newspapers, fliers, and the Internet in order to advertise. As always, real estate signs remain a staple in advertising and selling a home. It's customary to post these signs in the front yard when promoting a property. Buyers look everywhere for a home and sometimes search neighborhoods and city blocks for signs marking whether a home is for sale in that area. Having a sign that is attractive and simple to read from the road is important. If the images and text of your signs are too small, potential clients may get frustrated and may stop seeking your business. Do your best to design a sign that is clearly understood.


Real estate signs are effective, weather resistant, and easy to use. Tec Art Industries manufactures many types of signage and allows you to conveniently customize and order online. Real estate signs from Tec Art Industries are available in white and black frames with two different size graphic areas. The top area measuring 18 x 24 and the lower area 6 x 24 allows you the opportunity to convey more than one message and create a stronger impact. No hammers or mallets required. Push down stakes make installing these real estate signs into the ground fast and easy.


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