Portable Signs

An important characteristic to any company's advertising strategy is the use of Portable Signs. Portable Signs can come in many different shapes and sizes, and this is certainly true if you're getting your business signage from Tec Art Industries. Tec Art is a business signage company located in Wixom, Michigan, and has been working since 1989 to create state-of-the-art advertising products and signs for both Fortune 500 companies as well as independent, mom-and-pop operations. Tec Art Industries produces all kinds of Portable Signs, including A-Frame sidewalk signs, real estate signs, curb signs, and specialty light boxes that are perfect for indoor promotions.

Types of Portable Signs

There are several types of Portable Signs when it comes to business promotions. The first are vinyl banners and signs, which can be hung almost anywhere. Included in this category are Tec Art Industries' flex blades and promotional banners, which are Portable Signs that can be set up just about anywhere and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. These types of signs are made with high-quality materials and Tec Art Industries can place a business logo and graphic inside with UV-resistant inks.

Sidewalk or curb signs are typically the
Portable Signs businesses often look for. Tec Art Industries manufactures A-Frame signs, which can be used as graphic and image displays as well as write-on advertising tools. Tec Art Industries' A-Frame signs can be purchased in several different colors, are sturdy enough for everyday use and offer incredible value to business owners.

Metal tacker signs are also among the
Portable Signs that should be on any business' list to use. One of Tec Art Industries' specialties, these Portable Signs are made from high-quality aluminum and adapt to any advertising situation or space. These are not only perfect for indoor use, but they're made to be weather-resistant so that they will last for years on end without showing wear and tear.

Specialty Light Boxes

Other major types of Portable Signs are Tec Art Industries' light boxes. A light box is completely portable, which means that it can be placed almost anywhere indoors. They are easy to operate and come with snap-frame technology , which allows business owners the ability to switch out messages and logos and any given moment. Included in this category of Portable Signs are the AlumiTec Light Box, AlumiTec Elite Light Box, and the TecTwo and TecLite brands. Call today to speak to a Tec Art Industries representative about which light box is best for your business.

There are all types of portable business signage products. Tec Art Industries manufactures state-of-the-art flex blades, vinyl banners, metal tacker signs, A-Frame and curb signs and back-lit light boxes. All of these
Portable Signs from Tec Art Industries show the true quality that businesses and companies should display when carrying out any advertising strategy or event.


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