Lobby Signs

Marketing and advertising your business should include using business signage such as
Lobby Signs, outdoor signs, and even outdoor banners. Using these types of signs helps you reel in profits by attracting customers and others who may not know about specific products or services you have to offer. In fact, using Lobby Signs to advertise a specific product line you have typically helps increase its popularity and boost revenues.

Tec Art Industries is a company that works with businesses, both large and small, to provide effective advertising business signage such as
Lobby Signs. In addition, many of Tec Art's products are customizable, which means that you can have your specialty products, slogans, or unique selling proposition branded right onto the sign before you even get it. In some cases, such as with the multitude of light boxes offered by Tec Art, you can insert your own message after the signage is delivered.

AlumiTec Light Boxes from Tec Art Industries

As mentioned, light boxes are one of the types of

Lobby Signs that Tec Art manufactures. The AlumiTec Light Box can be purchased in one of fifteen different standard sizes ranging from small 8" by 24" light boxes all the way up to 3' by 4' light boxes. The AlumiTec brand back-lit light boxes can be used as Lobby Signs and can either be hung from the wall or mounted from the ceiling. These light boxes are made with a quality black-anodized metal housing and can either be single-sided or double-sided to display two messages at once.

The AlumiTec Elite Light Box is a step up from the standard AlumiTec Light Box and can also be used as
Lobby Signs for your business. The AlumiTec Elite, however, offers more customization options and also provides a more elegant look. First, a black or silver anodized aluminum finish is offered, which makes any graphic stand out brilliantly. The acrylic diffuser panel helps with the illumination of your message and the polycarbonate sheet cover protects the entire front of the light box from scratches and other damage. In addition, the AlumiTec Elite model is available with either mitered or rounded corners and can be customized to be either a single or double-sided light box.

Alternative Signs


Lobby Signs that you can have decorating your storefront include a variety of other light box or LED light panels. Aside from the AlumiTec brand of light boxes, businesses are able to get the TecTwo brand of stackable light boxes or even the TecLite light box, which is a slimmed-down version that is made for those on a tight budget. On the other hand, the LED displays act as effective Lobby Signs that provide incredible illumination from LED light sources. These business signage products offer low-cost ways of marketing and advertising your product, and are incredible long-lasting.

Overall, using
Lobby Signs throughout your business storefront is a good idea no matter whether you're a large or small company that needs to step up its marketing efforts. With everything from budget-friendly light boxes to brilliant LED display panels, all of these Lobby Signs are options you can get from Tec Art Industries.

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