Metal Signage

Custom business signage is a strategy many companies use to promote their products and services. Many different
Metal Signage products can be used to enhance your brands image and company's products. A few options for Metal Signage that you have to choose from include hanging metal tacker signs on the wall, displaying light boxes around the room, standing A-Frame curb signs near the storefront entryway, or using LED light panels.

Tec Art Industries specializes in all of these
Metal Signage products, in addition to traditional marketing signs and banner. Among the many business signage companies working for and with small and large businesses, Tec Art Industries has been producing some of the best, top-quality business signage for the past 20 years. Working with Tec Art not only allows you to choose among its vast portfolio of specialty products, but also allows you to customize your company signs whenever needed.

Using LED Light Panels

One of the specialty

Metal Signage advertising products offered by Tec Art Industries is the company's LED Light Panels. There are three options to choose from if you want to acquire these high-quality displays. First, Tec Art uses its proprietary techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to produce LED edge-lit signs. These signs create eye-catching displays that light up the sides of the light panel or sign. The specific edge-lighting technology saves money in the long run. The lighting system in these signs also offers a lower energy cost and high durability.

The EvenLit Premiere and Profile LED Light Panels are the two other high-quality, aluminum models. The EvenLit Premiere is available in three stock sizes and has either a single-sided or double-sided model. You can also choose to have the Premiere model set in a satin-silver finish for a unique, fresh, and bold look. Both of the LED light panel models are less than an inch thick and offer high-density illumination.

Metal Tacker Signs

A unique, customizable
Metal Signage product offered by Tec Art Industries is the metal tacker signs. These signs allow you to choose which image or message gets written on them before they're produced. Metal tacker signs are made from high-quality aluminum and are made to withstand a variety of weather situations since they contain a UV-clear coat for protection. Other customizable options available for these Metal Signage products include adding a chalkboard, clock, thermometer, and even embossing your sign for a three-dimensional appearance.

You'll have a variety of
Metal Signage options if you choose to work with Tec Art for your advertising and marketing needs. Incredible LED light panel displays, light boxes, and customizable metal tacker signs are all high-quality, durable Metal Signage products from Tec Art Industries.

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