Aluminum Signs
There are a lot of ways to advertise your company, and likewise, many services that offer business advertising services. Hanging aluminum signs outdoors or even indoors for your business is a sure-fire way to attract attention; these types of signs are durable, meant to last, and perhaps one of the more popular advertising products companies choose when selecting the right type of business sign.
Tec Art Industries is a company that has pioneered the way through the productions of business signs, and aluminum signs is one of their specialties. Established in 1989, Tec Art Industries is located in Wixom, Michigan and makes only the highest-quality business signs. Apart from our AlumiTec Aluminum Signs brand, many people are familiar with their TecNeon and TecTwo light boxes. Tec Art Industries has a vast selection of business signs to choose from and they also offer their customers the option of getting custom signs made as well.

AlumiTec Light Box

The AlumiTec and AlumiTec Elite light boxes are one of Tec Art's most popular business sign products. Not only are these products durable and made to last, but they are some of the highest-quality light boxes around. AlumiTec Elite light boxes are made from an anodized aluminum frame with a sleek Silver or Black finish.
Whether you're showing off a picture of your company's products or just want to see your company name stand out in the light, these aluminum signs light boxes are what you want to choose for your advertising purposes. In addition, AlumiTec Elite light boxes are available in rounded or mitered corners and include the quick change snap frame for changing out your images quickly and easily. AlumiTec Elite light boxes are traditionally single-sided frame aluminum signs, but can be made as a double-sided or even an ultra-thin light box at your request. As far as sizes are concerned, Tec Art offers more than five different standard sizes and offers custom sizing as well.

Snap Frames and Metal Tackers

A couple other products offered by Tec Art Industries is the AlumiTec Elite quick change snap frames as well as custom metal tacker signs. Both of these products are made from high-quality Aluminum. Signs made of aluminum are built to last for years.
The AlumiTec Elite quick change snap frames are Aluminum Signs that come with black and silver finishes, as well as square or rounded corners. These aluminum signs are peel- and chip-resistant as well as easy to use. There are pre-drilled mounting holes, which allow you to hang your signs either horizontally or vertically. In addition, the AlumiTec Elite snap frames have a flip-open design, which allows you to quickly change and snap-in your business message, photos, or company logo.
Metal tacker signs, on the other hand, are a specialty aluminum signs that essentially got the entire industry started. With these signs, your company logo, brand, or image is manufactured directly on an aluminum metal tacker sign. These signs are then covered with a UV clear coat to make it sleek and weather-resistant. You can even add options to your business sign such as a clock, thermometer, or chalkboard.
As you can see, there are multiple options for advertising your company name with aluminum signs. Whether you want a regular metal tacker sign that will look brilliant indoors or outdoors or you'd like something more advanced such as the AlumiTec Elite light box, Tec Art Industries has many different types of aluminum signs to choose from for your business.

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