A Frame Signs

Using A Frame Signs to Keep Your Business on its Toes


A frame signs are everywhere. A more popular use of A frame signs is to draw attention spills and other hazards. A frame signs are used to draw attention and convey messages to the otherwise unknowing passersby. So, why should you take advantage of such eye catching signage? These brightly colored sign posts are ideal for adverting and can be used to promote your business in a convenient and cost efficient way.


Customized Advertising


Are you looking for something bold and colorful to advertise a product sale? Are you looking for versatility and fully customized advertising? Tech Art Industries can help. Based in Wixom, Michigan, Tec Art Industries has been in business for over twenty years manufacturing A frame signs. These sign panels measure 24'' x 36'' and allow you to add any text or graphics to highlight your business and the products or services you offer. Tec Art Industries manufactures these basic signs in white, black, green, red, and blue which allows you to fully customize your advertising and provide a stand out image for your business.


Because sales and promotions change often, many businesses prefer Tec Art's easy to use, versatile write- on A frame signs. These dry erase boards are also available in a variety of colors and come with three water-proof markers to make changing your promotions and advertising easy.


Portable Advertising


A frame signs are made from light weight plastic and designed to collapse into a flat sandwich-like shape when not in use. These functions make them easy to move and simple to store. Because these signs are so portable, they make it easy to advertise in almost any location. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, they can be posted on sidewalks, near doorways, walkways, lobbies, and more. Once you've placed your sign in its desired location, fill it with water or sand to prevent tipping or falling over. Ready to bring it inside? No problem. Simply dump out the water or sand and fold the sign down. Now it's ready to be stored in almost any space including closets, beneath counters, and other narrow spaces.


More Than Just a Caution Sign


Reusable, convenient, and eye catching, A frame signs will draw the attention you want for your business. Tec Art Industries provides a number of options that allow you to create customized and colorful sign posts for your business. If you are looking to advertise your business in a different and effective way, throw caution into the wind and give A frame signs a try.


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