Simulated Neon Signs

Deciding which advertising products to use is always a difficult whether you're choosing from among
Simulated Neon Signs, back-lit displays, or advertising flags. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of business sign, but, perhaps, the one question you need to ask yourself is who you'll get your signs from. Many business-to-business marketing services exist and they all contain a variety of signs, products, and services. However, the issue always comes down to quality. Many companies promise to make quality products but very few deliver.

Tec Art Industries has more than twenty years experience manufacturing
Simulated Neon Signs and other promotional signage for businesses. Tec Art Industries is located in Wixom, Michigan, and contacts with top Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca-Cola, and small businesses. Simulated Neon Signs are only some of the products Tec Art sells. Others include a variety of lightboxes, banners, and custom products.

The Tec Art Neon Signs

One of Tec Art Industries'

Simulated Neon Signs product is the ready-made title signs. You can from a vast collection of businesses signs. You can find basic signs, such as the "Open, "Closed" and "ATM" neon signs. Other ready-made Simulated Neon Signs that are pre-titled include those for movie theaters, restaurants, wireless and automotive industries, as well as check cashing and many other businesses.

The two basic types of
Simulated Neon Signs you can get from Tec Art Industries is the TecNeon back-lit display. This is a neon sign which is manufactured from bright, quality neon inks and can come with multiple face panels. This back-lit display adds a quality touch to your building or for whatever purpose you need it.

The second type of
Simulated Neon Signs that Tec Art manufactures is the standard LED title signs. These Simulated Neon Signs are slightly different from the back-lit displays as the only lights that are used in this sign are the neon lights in the actual words or designs. These signs are energy efficient, have a wide angle of visibility, and even a Lexan cover to protect the LEDs. When you hang these up in your business, they are virtually maintenance-free and do all the promotional work for you. In addition, all of these signs come with spectacular flashing abilities.

Custom Neon Signs

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of working with Tec Art Industries is that you have a chance to get custom
Simulated Neon Signs for your business. Tec Art has made custom signs for a variety of large, brand-name businesses like T-Mobile authorized dealers, Bob-Cat, and even Bunton. Whether you want a custom neon sign that only displays your business name or you want your whole brand image to stand out in lights, Tec Art offers a variety of customization options when it comes to making the right sign for your business.

Tec Art Industries definitely offers many choices to suit different types of industries and business sectors. Whether you need custom work done for
Simulated Neon signs or another business signage product, Tec Art can Bring Your Brand to Life

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