Interior Signage

Setting up an advertising campaign can be a difficult task for many companies. Choosing which Interior Signage to strategically place around the store or office is perhaps one of the most crucial parts. Luckily there are several signage options to choose from, such as A-Frame signs near the entryways of doors, back light boxes, metal tacker signs and LED back lit boxes. A well-rounded, well-thought out advertising strategy takes advantage of not just one type of Interior Signage but many. For example, a curb or sidewalk sign near the entrance of the business can attract pedestrian traffic. Promotional vinyl banners hanging inside or outside of the business let potential customers know about the products and services offered.

Every business owner wants an advertising campaign that attracts customers. Tec Art Industries has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and small business operations since 1989. Based in Wixiom, Michigan, Tec Art Industries signage has fulfills the signage needs of the business owner. Tec Art Industries produces all kinds of state-of-the-art business signage products. Whether you want an elaborate back-lit light box or a simple array of metal tacker signs and promotional banners to line the walls of your business, Tec Art can work within the budget of a business and customize orders.

Interior Light Boxes

As mentioned, a specialty product that many of Tec Art Industries customers want is their proprietary light boxes. The AlumiTec Light Box is the standard light box that can be ordered from Tec Art Industries. This Interior Signage option comes in fifteen different sizes and is made from high-quality anodized aluminum. The AlumiTec Elite is a step up from the standard AlumiTec model. The AlumiTec Elite is not only offered in a Black or Silver finish, but it also comes with rounded or mitered corners. It contains a polycarbonate clear sheet for protection as well as a clear acrylic diffuser panel. All AlumTec models come with snap-frame technology, which allows the owner to swap out advertising campaigns quick and esay.

Tec Art Industries also makes the TecTwo Double-Sided Light Box, which is an
Interior Signage that is easily mounted on a counter top or hung the walls or ceiling. The double-sided light box gives customers ability to read advertisements on both sides of the box instead of just one. In addition, with the cool-operating GE T-8 straight-line bulbs, the TecTwo light box provides even illumination.

Other Interior Signs

Apart from Tec Art Industries' light boxes, they have plenty of other Interior Signage products available. Tec Art Industries metal tacker signs are manufactured from high quality aluminum. Metal Tacker signs are rugged and can withstand years of use. These signs feature your business message or graphic in an aluminum material instead of plastic, vinyl, or other common materials. The metal tacker signs are perfect Interior Signage products for any company and in any situation.

Choosing a special light box or even a simpler metal tacker sign to display a services and promotional messages are perfect perfect no matter if you're a small or large company. All of Tec Art's
Interior Signage products contain high-quality material and are sure enough to catch anyone's eyes.



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