Illuminated Boxes

The Pros and Cons of Illuminated Boxes


Illuminated boxes are a great way to dress up the brand image of your business. These boxes offer many features that make them perfect for advertising product releases, special services and much more. Although there are many reasons that make using illuminated boxes the perfect solution to all of your advertising needs, it is important to understand the downsides to using these light boxes.




Illuminated boxes are great for many uses. They are perfect for building brand image, advertising products and services or simply as decorations in your business. Light boxes are an affordable way to make your business stand out and shine bright.


Tec Art Industries manufactures their most basic illuminated boxes in over 15 different sizes. Their ever popular AlumiTec Light Box is an affordable aluminum back-lit box made from quality black anodized metal. Designed with versatility in mind, the AlumiTec Light Box is customizable using any text or graphics you wish to use. The AlumiTec unit shines with the brilliance of neon while featuring readability and higher surface area exposure. These illuminated boxes can be mounted to counter tops and other flat surfaces or hung from the wall or ceiling. Installing and maintaining the AlumiTec unit is quick, easy and tool-free.


Superior to the AlumiTec Light Box is the AlumiTec Elite. These upscale versions of illuminated boxes are back-lit single-sided light boxes made from anodized aluminum with a black or silver finish. AlumiTec Elite boxes are designed to enhance the look of any graphic installed whether it's screen printed or photo transparency.




Although these illuminated boxes feature versatility at a fraction of the cost of other lighted business signage, there are a few downsides. One downside is the potentially short lifespan of the light box. A fluorescent bulb is used to create the back-lit effect of the light box. When fluorescent lights are frequently switched on and off, the bulb will age rapidly. This could cause dimming and flickering of the light and eventually the bulb will burn out.


Another downside to consider is the effect fluorescent light bulbs have on the environment. If a fluorescent light is broken, a very small amount of mercury is emitted and can contaminate the surrounding area. To avoid toxic exposure to the mercury released, it's important to follow specific cleaning procedures to avoid allowing the chemical to become airborne. Because of this hazardous chemical, disposal of these bulbs has become an environmental issue. Governmental regulations require disposal of fluorescent lights separate from general business wastes.


There are plenty of other options from Tec Art Industries if you are looking for quality lit business signage. An alternative to using fluorescent light boxes is Tec Art's environmentally friendly LED illuminated boxes.


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