Backlit Sign Boxes
Creating a spectacular display out of your business logo or message using Backlit Sign Boxes is something that many companies choose to do. Not only does it make them stand out from other businesses, but it also gives a "wow" factor to customers and passers-by who may see them. Backlit Sign Boxes are essentially either thin- or wide- boxes that display a business message, oftentimes a logo or poster, on the front side. Instead of having lights on the outside, the display is lit up through the back so that it creates an eye-catching glow. Many people think about Backlit Sign Boxes as being similar to movie poster lightboxes that are frequently seen outside of movie theaters, which is a good way to visualize them.

Tec Art Industries has a variety of options for business signage whether you're looking for Backlit Sign Boxes or more traditional business signs. In addition, our product lines also include more modern signage options such as LED edge-lighting and LED light panels. We offer both wide and ultra-thin products that can be used as Backlit Sign Boxes for your business. Tec Art Industries is a company that has had twenty years of experience, based out of Wixom, Michigan, working with both large Fortune 500 and smaller mom-and-pop businesses. For example, some of our well-known clients include The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, and even King Koil.

Economical Light Boxes

One of the more popular Backlit Sign Boxes that Tec Art Industries offers for those who are either just starting out using business signage and want a smaller overhead cost or who are managing a smaller business in general is the TecLite Light Box. This is a back-lit sign that is slimmer than our traditional Backlit Sign Boxes, but contains a quality housing unit made from a lightweight vacuum-formed ABS material. The unique framing system is not only sturdy but also gives the signs a clean and fresh look.

Premium Light Boxes

The premium Backlit Sign Boxes that we have for clients is the AlumiTec Elite series light boxes. These light boxes are for those who would love to see their company name shine brightly in a more-fanciful light box than what is offered in our other business advertising light boxes. The AlumiTec Elite series are Backlit Sign Boxes that incorporates Tec Art's quick-change snap-frame technology; this makes your business sign easy to maintain and change when it's time to change your logo or display. The AlumiTec Elite are back-lit single sided lightboxes even though they can be upgraded to a double-sided light box for a smaller, additional charge.

There are several important points for you to know about the AlumiTec Elite and how it differs from other lightbox products. First, this is a light box that is resistant to chipping or peeling because of the strong and durable anodized aluminum finish; customers have the choice of either a Silver or Black finish. Not only does the Silver or Black finish make your display stand out brighter, but the AlumiTec Elite also comes with an acrylic diffuser panel to in addition to a clear, polycarbonate cover sheet. All of these things combined makes for a crisp, clear and bright display not seen with other business signage products. In addition, these Backlit Sign Boxes can be produced with either mitered or rounded corners and even upgraded to one of our ultra-thin Backlit Sign Boxes.

Whether you decide on a premium, standard, or economical light box for your business, you can be sure that Tec Art Industries has plenty of experience and knowledge to make your business sign or lightbox the best. All of Tec Art's Backlit Sign Boxes are made from quality material and are practically ready-to-hang when shipped to your company.

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