Lit Signage

It's important for companies to take seriously the matter of advertising their business using Lit Signage or other back-lit types of signs simply because they are some of the most attractive options that you have when choosing signs and promotional tools. A business that displays Lit Signage for the different products they have, hangs promotional banners and signs about upcoming events, and displays their brand logo in lights stands out from other companies who don't take part in this type of advertising.

There are all sorts of Lit Signage products that you can use for your business. Backlight boxes, LED panels, and custom back-lit signs and boxes are some of the tools and Lit Signage that Arc Tec Industry offers. We're a company that is located in Wixom, Michigan, and works with both large Fortune 500 companies and small mom-and-pop operations to produce some of the best and most effective light boxes and business signage to make a company stand out. Tec Art Industries has been in operation for more than twenty years and has worked with well-known companies such as Bob-Cat, Coca-Cola, and even Sirius Satellite Radio.

Backlight Boxes

The backlight boxes that Tec Art Industries offers are some of the major Lit Signage products that our company manufactures for customers. Our backlight boxes include our AlumiTec and AlumiTec Elite brands as well as TecTwo and TecLite series of Lit Signage boxes. All of our back-lit boxes come with practically no assembly required and it is very easy to insert your graphic, business logo or message. In addition, most of our Lit Signage products come with either a snap or magnetic frame so that it's easy to switch out messages and graphics when you need to change your sign.

Perhaps one of the most premium Lit Signage products that Tec Art has in its mix is the AlumiTec Elite Backlight Boxes. These boxes are similar to our standard and traditional back-lit boxes with a few major differences. First, you get the option of a smooth Silver or Black finish to the already-anodized aluminum casing. Whether you're housing a screen-printed panel or a transparent panel, the effects that an AlumiTec Elite Light Box will show make for an incredible visual impact. In addition, customers get a clear acrylic diffuser panel that enhances the visual aspects of the box, and there is also a protector cover sheet over top of the sign space.

LED Panels

One of the favorite products of customers that we offer to clients is our LED light panels. Using Lit Signage in the way of LED light panels not only makes your message stand out brighter, but you also have unique options when it comes to these products. For example, you can choose from our basic EvenLit Profile LED Light Panel or choose the advanced EvenLit Premiere LED Light Panel.  Both of these LED Lit Signage products offer a great alternative to the traditional light box that is frequently chosen. For starters, LED light sources use the least amount of energy compared with regular light boxes. The LED lamps also have an ultra-long life, which means that you'll cut down on costs and materials in the long run. These are also environmentally friendly Lit Signage options as they contain 100% recyclable aluminum housings and acrylic panels.

As you can see, there are several options that you have available when choosing Lit Signage from Tec Art Industries. Not only does Tec Art offer conventional yet proprietary Lit Signage light boxes, but also modern LED light panels that make for incredible displays.

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