Lighted Business Signs
Seeing your company name on Lighted Business Signs is probably one of the more exciting occasions for your business. There are definitely plenty of options that you have to choose from in the Lighted Business Signs industry; whether you want to get your name in lights or have another sign in your storefront, everything is a possibility.
Located in Michigan, Tec Art Industries is a company that was established in 1989 for the purpose of improving business signage. Out of the growth of the expanding business sector and need for interesting and unique signs, Tec Art Industries not only caters to Fortune 500 companies but mom and pop companies as well. We produce all kinds of Lighted Business Signs and light boxes with pre-written and custom messages.

LED Edge-Lit Signs

One of the favorite products that Tec Art manufactures is the LED Edge-Lit Lighted Business Signs and LED Light Panels. The LED Edge-Lit Lighted Business Signs are used when companies want something that will stand out with lighting around the edges of the sign. The latest LED technology and Tec Art Industries' proprietary technology is used to create a bright glow around the edge of each sign. Not only are these signs highly durable, but they are also energy-efficient and maintenance-free.
The LED Light Panels are Lighted Business Signs that are an alternative to the traditional light box. Tec Art Industries manufactures these signs as thin LED light panels that brighten up your company's image. All of these contain energy-efficient technologies with no bulbs to replace. In fact, the LED panels last over 50,000 hours!

TecNeon Title Signs

The TecNeon Back-lit Ready-made Title Lighted Business Signs are another customer favorite. Neon signs are important if you want to attract attention and make sure that your customers are aware of what you're offering. Tec Art Industries manufactures over 450 pre-written titles for its TecNeon signs. For instance, "Bait and Tackle," "Tickets," “Open,” “ATM” and "Bike Rental" are just a few examples of the neon signs you can get from Tec Art. They also have sign titles made specifically for the food industries, check cashing, wireless, and dry cleaning industries.

Custom Neon Signs

In addition to the pre-written titles for TecNeon Lighted Business Signs, Tec Art Industries also customizes company signs for those businesses that wish to have something just a little extra special. Tec Art has manufactured custom neon signs for T-Mobile dealers, Bob-Cat, Bunton, and many others. A neon sign is not only a great branding strategy but is also important if you want to make your company stand out!
As you can see, there are a lot of options when you're looking for a unique business sign. Whether you just need a neon sign to attract customers or you want to see your company brand in lights as if on Broadway, Tec Art Industries has many different options that you can use for Lighted Business Signs.

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