Sidewalk Signs

Creating effective advertising campaigns using Sidewalk Signs, curb signs, light boxes, or another signage product does takes work. First, the placement of signs need to be visible to catch consumer's attention. In the meantime, the location of the sign should be convenient and able to be monitored, away from any potential accidents that it could cause to passers-by.

On top of all of this, you need to have your message right on target and graphic or business logo easily seen so that you'll boost sales and attract attention from every direction. All of this can be done with
Sidewalk Signs, of course, but it's always important to have a variety of backup advertising tools and signs on hand to display whenever you think you need a change.

Whether ooking to buy curb or
Sidewalk Signs, promotional vinyl banners, or other signage product, Tec Art Industries has you covered. Tec Art Industries is based in Wixom, Michigan, and has been in business since 1989.  For over twenty years Tec Art Industries has provided the ultimate in quality business signage both Fortune 500 and small businesses. Tec Art manufactures Sidewalk Signs and curb signs and frames, which are also excellent for indoor advertising. In addition, Tec Art manufactures specialty light boxes that are both a client and customer favorite.

A-Frame Signs

The A-Frame Sidewalk Signs that Tec Art manufactures are very versatile. They can be placed almost anywhere where you have the space. They are convenient to operate. These signs typically have a panel that is 24-inches by 36-inches in size. The panel allows you to add any sort of graphic that you want, whether you're advertising a a product or brand image. These signs also are easy to fill with water or sand if you want to increase the weight of the sign. All of Tec Art's A-Frame Sidewalk Signs have the option of being ordered in either yellow, white, red, orange, green, blue, or even black.

A second version of Tec Art's
Sidewalk Signs that companies can choose is an A-Frame write-on board. These signs are avialble in five different colors as well; the signs also come with three waterproof, dry-erase markers. Whether ordering write-on or graphic A-Frame Sidewalk Signs, these are great advertising tools special promotions or everyday use.

Promotional Signage

One of the specialty business signs that Tec Art Industries offers to companies in order to help out with special promotions and advertising is promotional flags and flex blades. Flex blades and promotional banners are great alternatives to Sidewalk Signs. Tec Art's flex blades and banners are made of high-quality materials with business message or logos printed in UV-resistant inks. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs are perfect for large and small companies.


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