Standard Banner Size

Business advertising involves the use of a variety of promotional signs, banners, and posters. When you need banners Tec Art offers Standard Banner Size options. When you need Backlit light boxes or other promotional signs there are standard sizes Tec Art offers. wheter its a light box or a banner they can be hung on the outside or inside of windows and storefronts to attract customers. Neon "open" signs tell customers that you're open for business, and bright LED panels make the atmosphere attractive and unique. All of these advertising strategies are possibilities whether its movie theater business, automotive shop or electronics store.

Tec Art Industries opened in 1989 in Wixom, Michigan manufacturing top-of-the-line business advertising signage. Tech Art have several Standard Banner Size for their banner products. If they don't have a standard Banner Size to meet your needs, they can manufacture signage based on the size you require. Tec Art has produced banners, light boxes, LED panels, and promotional advertising flags in all different types of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors.

Promotional Banners and Flags

As far as promotional banners go, Tec Art Industries uses a variety of materials to produce the best-looking advertising products. Whether you want a screen-printed, digital or dye sublimation banner in a Standard Banner Size, Tec Art has a variety of choices to offer. If a company is advertising a short-term promotion or special sale, banners are frequently made for customers who need an alternative to the traditional backlit lightbox. Other advertising flags, including flex blade products, are also offered in a variety of styles. Customers can get a flex blade or promotional flag banners in a custom size or a Standard Banner Size.

Tec Art's LED Signs and Panels

The LED Signs are a popular choice among Tec Art's customers. Just like Tech Art offers Standard Banner Size options, LED signs also can be purchased in either custom or standard sizes; there are a variety of options for each LED sign and banner. For example, one of the most popular LED window signs is the "open" sign, but Tec Art offers more than 450 titles to choose from.

In addition to regular LED neon signs, Tec Art also manufactures high-quality LED light panels in dimensions of 8.5" by 11" all the way up to 24" by 36" and everything in between. These light panels are offered with these standard sizes just like the Standard Banner Size options. Of course, custom LED light panels are always an option as well. LED light panels are a superior product that offer an alternative to the traditional light box. In essence, they act as ultra-thin light boxes that can illuminate your message or image for years to come. In fact, EvenLit light panels will shine brightly for ten years or more without flickering or going dark.

All things considered, there are many options when looking for promotional and advertising business signs for your company. Tec Art Industries has over twenty years experience making signs for established companies such as Coca-Cola and T-Mobile Wireless; whether you want a light box in Tec Arts standard sizes or a banner Standard Banner Size for your promotional signs, Let Tec Art Bring Your Brand To Life.

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