Slim Light Boxes
Business advertising signage is extremely important no matter which industry you're discussing, and there are all sorts of options such as Slim Light Boxes, Banners, custom neon signs, and curb signs. Tec Art Industries offers all of these options to its customers and has been in the business signage industry since 1989.
From our high-quality lightboxes to our simplistic, yet effective, Flex Blades and promotional flag banners, Tec Art has worked with many companies to make signs with business names, messages, and logos stand out. Michigan-based Tec Art Industries can work with you to create the very best signage for your company. They've worked with some top companies in the nation, such as Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, Verizon, ClearWire, T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

Importance of Light Boxes

One of the important branding and advertising strategies a businesses often uses is light boxes. Whether you're using Slim Light Boxes, Stackable Light Boxes, or one of the many other light boxes that Tec Art Industries produces, you can hang your light box indoors and outdoors to attract customers. Light boxes bring your message to the forefront because they use a back-lit lighting system that illuminates the entire sign. For example, Slim Light Boxes utilize LED technolovy to light up the display. The compact LEDs allow Tec Art to manufacture thing light boxes with a slender profile.

Tec Art Industries produces several types of light box systems whether you're looking for Slim Light Boxes or another type of box. For example, the AlumiTec Elite Light Box is one of the Slim Light Boxes and an economical option for those who want a simplistic back-lit light box that grabs consumer's attention. The AlumiTec Elight Slim Light Boxes are made from a lightweight ABS-housing unit and have a unique snap framing system design for quick and easy changing to graphics. These boxes are 2 inches think giving them a slim profile.
Tec Art has many types of light boxes to suit your needs whether you need an elegant black or silver finish for your Slim Light Boxes or want something more unique such as a stackable light boxes. The AlumiTec Elite Slim Light Boxes are single-sided displays that not only offer an attractive black- or silver-finish but are made from anodized aluminum to make it a sturdy business advertising product. The AlumiTec Elite comes with either mitered or rounded corners and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Customers even get a protective, clear polycarbonate cover sheet to protect what's inside the light box.

The AlumiTec Elite Slim Light Boxes offer incredible value to businesses that want a unique advertising option. These light boxes are easy to set up and operate. The double-sided light boxes are unique. Business signs, messages, and logos can be seen from both the front and back. Slim Light Boxes are excellent for conserving space
Whichever advertising sign you need for your business, Tec Art Industries will work with you to find the best custom solution, product, and price range. Whether you're looking for one of our Slim Light Boxes or another promotional sign, Tec Art can work with just about any request.

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