Yard Signs

Business promotions frequently use indoor signage, entryway signs and banners such as Yard Signs, as well as a variety of other tactics to get a customers attention. There are many different types of ways to attract attention. Many businesses find that placing banners or Yard Signs next to the entrance can increase traffic their establishment. Of course, there are plenty of other options, such as placing promotional banners and light boxes around the store to spotlight promotional sales, brands and services.

Tec Art Industries has been helping other businesses implement their advertising strategies since 1989. Located in Wixom, Michigan, Tec Art Industries has manufactured signage for Fortune 500 companies and small business operations for more than 20 years. With their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, Tec Art Industries can make
Yard Signs, curb signs, A-Frame signs, flex blade signs, promotional banners, light boxes and LED light panels.

Using Sidewalk Signs to Advertise

One strategy some businesses use as a long-term advertising solution is sidewalk signs. Businesses can place sidewalk signs outside or inside. Just like sidewalk signs, Yard Signs, curb signs and A-Frame Signs can also be set up in from of entrance ways, aisles, next to product displays and counter tops.

Tec Art Industries manufactures a couple different types of sidewalk and A-Frames signs that can be used in conjunction with
Yard Signs. The basic type of A-Frame sign Tec Art manufactures is a 24-inch by 36-inch sign. A-Frames can also weather storms or resist being pushed over by customers and employees. Filling A-Frame signs with water or sand will increase the signs' weight. A-Frame signs can be purchased in either white, yellow, orange, or four other colors. In addition, Tec Art Industries manufactures an A-Frame write-on board that can be purchased in several different colors as well. This sign comes with waterproof dry-erase markers.

Alternatives to Sidewalk Signs

There are plenty of alternatives to sidewalk signs and Yard Signs. For example, one of the other types of portable signs manufactured by Tec Art Industries are metal tacker signs. Businesses receive tremendous value with these business signage products because the signs are made of high-quality, rugged aluminum material and can even be embossed for a more unique look. These signs are an alternative to Yard Signs, are just as portable, and can be hung from just about anywhere. They are perfect for indoor promotions, are great for announcing ongoing sales or products that you may regularly have on hand, and they attract the customer's attention.

Other indoor solutions for advertising a business include Tec Art Industries business identity products, which are perfect for showcasing several different products, sales, or special promotions. For example, custom counter mats can be used to attract a customer's attention before you even say a word to or greet them. Tec Art Industries also offers point-of-sale stands and poster stands, which are high-quality and easy to move from one place to another. These stands are great advertising strategies whether the business needs something for right inside the doors or near end cap displays.

All things considered, you have a variety of options if you want to have Tec Art manufacture your business or promotional signage products. Whether a business is looking for portable
Yard Signs or more elaborate yet effective metal tacker signs, Tec Art has many solutions for all types of businesses.


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