Acrylic Light Boxes

Many different types of light boxes exist.
Acrylic Light Boxes, aluminum light boxes, single- and double-sided light boxes are only a few of the options that Tec Art Industries manufactures. If you're a business owner and are trying to find the right Acrylic Light Boxes or signs for your business, Tec Art Industries has over twenty years experience working with both small business owners and large Fortune 500 companies. This Wixom, Michigan-based company produces custom flags, neon signs, promotional banners, and offers a variety of light boxes, including aluminum and Acrylic Light Boxes.

Traditional Light Boxes

Apart from

Acrylic Light Boxes, Tec Art manufactures its standard, traditional light boxes to offer extreme value for businesses. Light boxes in any form are an excellent way to put a unique display throughout your business storefront and grab the attention of customers. Two of the traditional light boxes made by Tec Art Industries is the AlumiTec and TecTwo light boxes. The AlumiTec light boxes come in 15-standard stock sizes and features a quality black anodized metal housing unit.

The TecTwo Double-sided Light Box is a blow-molded light box that comes in several standard stock sizes as well. With this particular product, you can have two messages on either side of the display so that you can carry out advertising for two different products or business messages you have. The Double-sided TecTwo brand uses cool-operating straight-line bulbs for even illumination.

AlumiTec Elite - Tec Art's Original

In addition to the traditional and

Acrylic Light Boxes that you may want to hang throughout your business' storefront, Tec Art's AlumiTec Elite is a light box that stands out from all of its competitors. First, this light box comes with a clear acrylic diffuser panel to help the sign illuminate your entire business message or image. You also get a polycarbonate cover sheet, which protects the surface and adds to the overall quality of the AlumiTec Elite light box. These light boxes are made out of anodized aluminum and buying one means that you have the option of either a black or silver finish in addition to either mitered or rounded corners. Standard sizing for the AlumiTec Elite ranges from a smaller 13" by 13" light box option to a larger 36" by 48" light box.

Whether your business wants to hang
Acrylic Light Boxes, double-sided light boxes, or even an original AlumiTec Elite light box, Tec Art makes quality products that are built to withstand years of normal operation. In addition, the snap-on technology makes the companyís light boxes even more valuable since it means that you donít need any tools and wonít have to spend much time figuring the product out. Businesses considering Acrylic Light Boxes or another type of back-lit, aluminum-casing display should definitely check out what Tec Art has to offer.

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