Aluminum Signs
All different types of business signs, such as Aluminum Signs, can be used for promotions and advertising strategies. One of the many products that is frequently chosen by companies is back-lit light boxes, and these are signage products that create an illuminated display that can be hung from almost anywhere. On the other hand, there are also many temporary or short-term advertising products that companies often choose, such as vinyl banners and promotional flags, that are also perfect for almost any situation. When evaluating the type of business signage that you need, businesses need to take into consideration, not only their budget but also the quality of the product that is being bought.

At Tec Art Industries, we manufacture a variety of promotional Aluminum Signs that can be used for almost any business. We're a company located in Wixom, Michigan and have been in operation since 1989. We've worked with many Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, AT&T, Sirius Satellite Radio, and many smaller mom-and-pop businesses. Whether
you want one of our specialty back-lit Aluminum Signs or a less expensive neon sign or curb sign, Tec Art has all kinds of signs for every type of business and promotion.

Metal Tacker Signs

One of the products we offer is our metal tacker signs. These are durable Aluminum Signs that display your brand image or business message. These can be used for any type of promotion and are either for short-term or long-term use. These signs are adaptable to almost any advertising situation and contain a UV clear-coat so that they are weather-resistant. With these Aluminum Signs, you can choose an embossed look to give your sign a multidimensional look. In addition, secondary add-ons are available such as adding a thermometer, clock, or even chalkboard. In addition, you can get these Aluminum Signs in our standard sizes and shapes or come up with your own custom size and shape for a truly unique look.

Aluminum Light Boxes

The other major type of business signage that we offer is our high-quality back-lit light boxes, which are Aluminum Signs that display your business logo or message in lights. The AlumiTec Light Box contains an anodized black aluminum casing and can be ordered in one of fifteen different sizes.

The AlumiTec Elite Light Boxes is the other major series of our Aluminum Signs, which is an upscale version of our basic light boxes. These are made from high-quality anodized aluminum with the option of having a black or silver finish as well. For these Aluminum Signs, you can choose from either a mitered or rounded corners for an added touch of elegance. In addition, the AlumiTec Elite Light Boxes come with a clear polycarbonate sheet cover for protection and a snap frame to easily switch out graphics and advertisements.

Indeed, we have many Aluminum Signs to choose from whether you need a small-to-medium metal tacker sign or a more elaborate back-lit light box that will display your business logo in neon brilliance. All of our products are made with state-of-the-art technology whether you're getting one of our Aluminum Signs or another business sign product.

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