Lighted Window Signs

Brighten a Dull Store Front with Lighted Window Signs


Using lighted window signs in your store front can attract customers and remind them of products and services your business has to offer. They can create a welcoming atmosphere or brighten up a dull store front. There are many options for decorating store front windows using lighted window signs. Depending on your advertising needs, you could choose between using a simple neon sign or a more complex LED light box.


Neon Light


Make your store front shine with the bright look of neon lights. Attractive and eye catching, this popular way to use lighted window signs is sure to make your store front more welcoming and alluring to costumers. Custom neon business signs help your company give a memorable first impression. Neon signs are great for both day and night time use and are visible from almost any angle or distance. Tec Art Industries offers two different types of neon signs. First is the common neon sign. These signs can be customized with titles you'd like in order to advertise your business. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, neon signs are a fun and creative way to attract attention to products and services your business has to offer.


A second neon option is Tec Art's TecNeon light box. The TecNeon light box is built to last and is designed for fast and easy use. TecNeon light boxes are fully customizable and can display any graphics or text to meet your advertising needs and specifications. These lighted window signs brighten any brand name with the brilliance of neon and makes your business stand out among plain non-lit window advertisements.


LED Technology


One of the latest technologies used to manufacture lighted window signs is LED, or light emitting diode, lighting. LED light panels function like a traditional light box, but with brighter, higher contrast images. Tec Art Industries manufactures these signs at the highest quality to ensure your images are showcased in radiant light for ten years or more. LED lighted window signs are guaranteed to make your store advertisements gleam without flickering or going dark.


Tec Art Industries also offers LED ready made title signs. These signs feature many popular titles and phrases used to advertise that you're open and ready for business. If you wish, these lighted window signs can be fully customizable wording in a variety of shapes and colors. You can also design your signs to have flashing or even light-chasers.


Environmentally friendly LED lighting offers lower energy cost, high durability and maintenance-free operation. LED lighted window signs offer a safe 24-volt wattage design, low energy consumption, mercury-free light source, ultra long lamp life, and no bulb to replace. LED signs are made from recycled aluminum housings and acrylic panels. Environmentally friendly means budget friendly. Tec Art Industries offers a variety of design options, which allow you to fully customize all of your lighted window signs on almost any budget.


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