Lightbox Lighting

Lightbox Lighting and Alternatives


When planning the use of lightbox lighting to advertise your business, it's important to consider your options. Tec Art Industries has been manufacturing a variety of signage options for over twenty years. Some of their most popular products include light boxes and other lighted signs.


AlumiTec and AlumiTec Elite


One of the more common lightbox lighting options available from Tec Art Industries are the AlumiTec and the AlumiTec Elite light box series. These single-sided light boxes create incredible visual impact for your business. They are fully customizable with any graphics or design you choose to meet the specific advertising needs of your business. Manufactured from anodized aluminum, they come with either black or silver edging that enhances the look of your advertisement and gives it a smooth clean finish. Each light box comes complete with a clear acrylic diffuser panel and a protective clear polycarbonate cover sheet. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this type of lighbox lighting is great for displaying in windows, mounting on walls and counter tops, or even hanging from the ceiling.


Not enough space to place more than one light box? No problem. Tec Art Industries also offers the TecTwo light box. The TecTwo allows the opportunity to present two messages with this double-sided light box. Also featuring the freedom to design and customize to meet your advertising needs, this form of lightbox lighting illuminates your brand image with stunning clarity.




Although traditional lightbox lighting remains a popular way to advertise, Tec Art Industries offers a few alternatives. These alternatives include the LED Edge-Lit Signs and LED Light Panels.


The LED Edge-Lit Signs make use of both art and technology. Using the latest in LED technology, these signs are manufactured to be extremely bright, crisp and attention grabbers. Perfect for making your business stand out, you can customize these signs with any type of artwork or graphics to enhance your brand image and style.


Another lightbox lighting option different from traditional light boxes is the LED Light Panel. Manufactured with state-of-the-art LED technology, LED Light Panels are proven to be a dynamic way to advertise the products and services your business has to offer. LED Light Panels give your advertisements a clear, vibrant display. Fully customizable, use them to promote new product releases, specials and sales. LED lightbox lighting is guaranteed to last ten years or more without flickering, dimming, or needing to change bulbs.


All of Tec Art Industries LED signage options are versatile and environmentally friendly. These signs offer lower energy cost, high durability, and maintenance-free operation. This type of lightbox lighting will last over 100,000 hours and you never need to change a light bulb.


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