Thin Lightboxes

There are several advantages to hanging Thin Lightboxes to promote products and services. Thin Lightboxes have a beautiful which highlights products and services and attracts customers. These types of lightboxes are typically easy to install, use, and maintain. Thin Lightboxes can be used for many different business messages whether displaying business product images, text, or company logo.

However, not all lightboxes are made equal and this is certainly the case with those made by Tec Art Industries. Tec Art is a company located in Wixom, Michigan, that produces different business signage products. Whether you need thick or
Thin Lightboxes, metal signs, or custom counter mat displays, you can obtain quality products for excellent prices to meet your budget.

Tec Art's lightboxes are easy-to-use and maintain. In fact, many of Tec Art's
Thin Lightboxes require no tools to use because they feature and easy-to-used snap-on design. This makes it easier to quickly change from one display image or message to another. The overall quality of Tec Art's Thin Lightboxes, and even many of the company's other products, makes for durable and reliable products.

Brilliant LED Displays

A couple of the products manufactured by Tec Art that can act as

Thin Lightboxes for your business are the LED edge-lit signs and LED light panels. First, Tec Art's LED edge-lit signs use a specific, advanced lighting technology that makes the edges of your business signs clear, bright, and eye-catching.

The other two LED displays that you can get from Tec Art is the EvenLit brand--the Profile LED Light Panel and the Premiere LED Light Panel. Both of these signs come in several stock sizes to meet your needs. In addition, with these products you'll be receiving energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light sources, fantastic aluminum displays and acrylic panels. The light panels are some of the thinnest display signage on the market today, measuring less than one inch thick.

Styles of Thin Lightboxes

As far as Tec Art's actual brand of light boxes are concerned, the company has two different product models that are suitable enough to be used as Thin Lightboxes. The AlumiTec Elite brand offers a model that is thinner than most traditional light boxes. For those who want a brilliant display, the AlumiTec Elite offers a back-lit lighting system that creates an incredible visual impact for your business message. Not only do you get to choose from a quality, anodized aluminum with a black or silver finish, but the AlumiTec Elite stands out with its clear acrylic diffuser panel and a protective cover sheet. The AlumiTec Elite measures a mere 2 inches thick.

Overall, light boxes have several uses and advantages as business signage products.
Thin Lightboxes and upscale, ultra-thin LED displays are two possible ways to promote your business with the help of Tec Art Industries.

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