Retail Signage

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Retail Signage


Along with advancing the growth of your business and maximizing profits, another goal of most businesses is increasing customer satisfaction. Using retail signage both in and outside of your store can help make completing all three simple and easy.


For over 20 years Tec Art Industries has been manufacturing retail signage and offers a plethora of services to choose from. Promotional banners, customized signs and metal tackers, light boxes and neon window lights are just a few of the products you can use to create a pleasurable shopping experience for your customers.


Attracting Customers


Brilliantly lit retail signage draws the attention of both new and returning customers. Tec Art Industries offers a variety of designs and styles of lit signage. Their line of AlumiTec Light Boxes and TecNeon Light Boxes are fully customizable. These simple to use light boxes can be mounted almost anywhere and require little to no maintenance. Hang them in store front windows to promote new product releases and sales.


Let customers know that your open for business with ready-made neon retail signage. Tec Art Industries features over 450 of the most popular neon sign titles, including “Open” “ATM,” and “Money Orders.” Neon signs can also be used inside the store to draw attention to customer service desks and cash registers.


These can also be used to advertise upcoming promotions and store events. Customers will be pleased to have the information conveniently displayed and will most likely return for such events.


Directing Customer Traffic


Not only can retail signage be used to draw attention to the store font, but it can also be used to label the inside. A frame signs, banners, metal tacker signs and write-on boards can all be used to direct traffic throughout the store. Use these signs to label different store departments. If certain items are on sale, use color coded signs to inform customers of discounts and sale prices. Retail signage can be used to mark any potential hazards throughout the store, such as wet floors, sharp object, or store renovation projects. Customers will be comfortable shopping in a store that is well marked and easy to maneuver. These signs could increase customer loyalty and over all customer satisfaction.


Budget Friendly


Tec Art Industries allows you to fully customize all of your business signage on nearly any budget. From LED light boxes to banners to A frame signs to posters, Tec Art Industries has something for every business. Their expansive line of signage options come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, designs and styles suitable to meet any of your advertising needs. Boost profits and over all customer satisfaction by using a multitude of retail signage in your store.


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