Fluorescent Light Boxes

Fluorescent Light Boxes


There are a few things for a business owner to consider before deciding on purchasing fluorescent light boxes to promote their business. Tech Art Industries has been providing businesses with lighted sign solutions for more than twenty years. They offer a multitude of options to help bring your advertisements up front and center. Tec Art Industries uses the latest technology in fluorescent light boxes to gain your business the attention it deserves.


Effectiveness, convenience and cost are important when debating which products are best for advertising your business. Tec Art Industries provides light box options that cater to your needs.




Make your business shine bright with fluorescent light boxes. Some of the most popular light boxes manufactured by Tec Art Industries are the AlumiTec and TecNeon Light Box series. These series of fluorescent light boxes come in a variety of sizes that are fully customizable with any text or graphics desired to fit any client's needs. Use them to display information about products, services and more. Strategic placement of these light boxes allows for more effective advertising. Hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. Mount them on a counter top or some other flat surface. If you're running out of space, try AlumiTec Stackable Light Boxes. These light boxes can be placed on top of each other to compliment light boxes already in place. Wherever you choose to mount these fluorescent light boxes, the AlumiTec and TecNeon Light Boxes are sure to provide high quality illumination to your brand, image, and overall business.




Fluorescent light boxes are fully functioning and ready to use immediately with minimal tools and setup time. Once the light box has been mounted, changing the unit's cool-operating GE fluorescent bulb can be done without a single tool. These light boxes have a thin profile with front mounted face panels and an aluminum snap which allows for easy opening and changing of the panels and graphics. These features make changing the panels easy.


For your convenience, Tec Art Industries manufactures Back-Lit Ready Made fluorescent light boxes featuring over 450 popular titles. Simple, pre-designed signs with titles such as “Now Open,” “ATM,” and many other food and business titles will help your customers know what products and services your business has to offer.




Tech Art Industries takes pleasure in offering low budget signage and other promotional tools for all of your advertising needs. With so many options, you can create promotional signage for any business on almost any budget. The AlumiTec and TecNeon Light Box Series offer all the benefits of traditional neon lighted signs at a fraction of the price, which makes them some of the most affordable fluorescent light boxes on the market today.


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