Slim Line Light Boxes

Using promotional signage in your business windows, displays, and walls means carefully planning for the type of signs you will need, whether you're interested in Slim Line Light Boxes, banners, neon window signs, or another such business signage product. Each signage option has its own use for attracting customers, but perhaps the sign most widely used to boost business and point customers to a certain product are Slim Line Light Boxes. These are traditional lightboxes that have back-lit displays with the exception of their width.

Tec Art Industries specializes in building and customizing
Slim Line Light Boxes for their clients. Tec Art produces several versions of light boxes in various styles, sizes and colors. Tec Art is located in Wixom, Michigan, and has manufactured these types of specialty signs for more than twenty years. Tec Art manufactures signage for business the size of a Fortune 500 to small business.

The AlumiTec Brand

A popular product of Tec Art's is the AlumiTec Elite light box. If you're looking for


Slim Line Light Boxes, then chances are that you'll be particularly pleased with the AlumiTec Elite. The AlumiTec Elite is a back-lit, single sided light box that can handle all types of business messages and images whether they are screen-printed or transparent panels. From the outside of the box to the lighting system, the AlumiTec Elite works extremely well as one of the Slim Line Light Boxes you might hang around your business. The Black- or Silver finish made out of anodized aluminum gives the sign a fantastic appearance and you can actually choose whether you want rounded or mitered corners. The AlumiTec Elite can be ordered double-sided or as one of the ultra-thin Slim line Light Boxes that is 2 inches thick.

LED Light Panels

The other types of


Slim Line Light boxes that you can get from the company are not boxes but light panels. Though not technically light boxes, light panels are extremely attractive, ultra-thin, and great for any business to promote its products and services. With these business signage products you get LED panels that are constructed with quality lighting systems and finished with brilliant cases that measure less than an inch thick for an ultra-thin look. The LED Edge-Lit and EvenLit Premiere Light Panels are a great alternative to the Slim Line Light Boxes.

As you can see, Tec Art Industries excels in providing a variety of business signage products for every budget and need. Whether you're looking for ultra
Slim Line Light boxes or want to try out an LED panel, Tec Art produces superior products for your business marketing needs.

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