Produce Signage

Produce Signage for fresh veggies


Whether in a grocery store or farmer's market, the right type of produce signage can help your fresh fruits and vegetables stand apart from other produce sellers. There are many options when choosing which type of produce signage to use, and it's important to consider each one carefully before settling on a single type.


Creative Options


If advertised with the right type of signage, your fresh fruits and vegetables will practically fly off the shelves. Have fun and be creative when choosing from the many options Tec Art Industries has to offer.


Simple A Frame Signs


If you're looking for simple, versatile produce signage, a classic A frame sign may be right for you. These brightly colored signs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can set them up in the produce section of the grocery store or on sidewalks in front of the produce stand at the farmer's market. Tec Art Industries allows you to design and customize your own A frame signs with any graphics or text that you choose. If you need a little more designing freedom, Tec Art's write-on A frame sign provides the convenience of a dry erase board. This model of A frame sign allows you to write, erase and redo any message over and over again. This type of produce signage is perfect for advertising produce specials and sales.


Bright Neons


Who says advertising fresh produce has to be simple or boring? Turn up the creativity with Tec Art's line of neon lighting options. From ready made neon title signs that read “Fresh Produce,” to the TecNeon Illuminated Write-On board, there are produce signage options that are sure to attract attention.


Tec Art Industries has been manufacturing ready made neon signs for over 20 years and features over 450 popular titles. Let your customers know that your produce stand is open for business with a vibrant “Open” sign. Advertise your fruits and vegetables with a glowing sign that reads “Fresh Produce”. If you want to change the look of your sign, order additional face panels that can be changed easily and quickly without using tools.


Make fresh fruits and vegetables fun by advertising them on a TecNeon Write-On board. Similar to the A frame write-on board, this board gives a neon glow to your dry erase creations. Write-on boards are a convenient way to advertise daily produce specials in your very own creative sketches and catch phrases. The TecNeon Write-On board can be placed on a stand, mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling. Each board comes with a set of assorted markers that are sure to produce dynamic color and make your produce signage demand the attention of your customers.


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