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Effective Store Signage for Your Brand Image


Generating an effective advertising campaign can be one of the most difficult tasks for any business. Store signage plays a key role in not only attracting the attention of potential customers, but also carrying out the image that your brand wishes to portray. Your business might be serious and extremely professional, or you may be relaxed and fun. Image is everything when gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers. Your brand image will help customers build a relationship with your business. In order to begin building that brand image and create store signage for your business you must first decide on the message your business would like to send.


Serious and Subtle


If your business is one of a more serious nature, you may wish to use more subtle forms of store signage. For example, when advertising legal or medical services, flashing lights and extremely bright images aren't necessary. For a more serious, yet, effective type of business sign, you may try using customized banners. Promotional banners provide all of the effectiveness of bright lights and flashing neons while still maintaining a serious and prestigious image. These banners are great for reminding customers of the products and services your business provides. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Banners are light weight and travel well. Hang them at a variety of events, such as community festivals, promotional events and company picnics to attract the attention of potential customers.


Fun and Exciting


Want to show customers how fun and exciting your business is? Draw their attention with lighted store signage. Tec Art Industries offers a variety of lighted signage from neons to fluorescents to LEDs. Each of these options are fully customizable and come in your choice of style, color and size.


One of Tec Art's most recommended products is LED lit store signage. Give your advertisements and brand image a vibrant look with these state-of-the-art panels. Feature new products, specials or added services in an eye catching way that's sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.


A few innovative ways to remind customers of your business are to use Custom Counter Mats and Custom Clocks manufactured by Tec Art Industries. Aside from basic store signage, counter mats are another way to deliver your message. Colorful and unique, these mats can be customized with any type of artwork you wish. Or, choose to deliver your message in a timely fashion with customized clocks. Imprinted with your custom logo, customers will be reminded of your brand with a simple glance at the time. These clocks are available in many different designs and colors with a quartz clock movement.


Building your brand image using the right store signage can be made easy with the plethora of services that Tec Art Industries offers.


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