Backlit Boxes
Promotional business banners, Backlit Boxes, and huge signs are only some of the tools that you need when advertising your business and the products and services you offer. There are certainly many business signage companies offering some of the same products and its often difficult to know how they differ from each other. Art Tec Industries is a business sign company that offers a variety of promotional business signs, including Backlit Boxes, banners, promotional flags, and LED light panels just to name a few.

Tec Art Industries is a company that was established in 1989; we're located in Wixom, Michigan, and have over twenty years of experience working with large Fortune 500 companies and even small mom-and-pop business operations. Throughout the years we have improved our company offerings and brands; we have a variety of products to offer for businesses who want more exposure for their company using business signs and Backlit Boxes.

Tec Art's Backlit Boxes

There are several different types of Backlit Boxes that Tec Art Industries offers. The first is the standard back-lit lightbox that displays an image, business logo or message on the front and is lit from behind. These kind of devices make for a nice display either indoors or outdoors. The AlumiTec Light Boxes are some of our basic Backlit Boxes that you can get for your business. These feature a quality anodized metal casing and can be customized to fit individual needs. Our AlumiTec Light Boxes use our proprietary ink formula, which improves the clarity and readability of your business logo, image, and/or message in a neon light.

We also have double-sided Backlit Boxes that can be used an alternative to single-sided ones. Tec Art offers the double-sided light box with either the AlumiTec brand as well as our exclusive TecTwo brand. The TecTwo double-sided light box delivers two messages using cool-operating T-8 straight-line bulbs for even illumination of the front and back side.

Premium Backlit Boxes

The AlumiTec Elite brand is Tec Art Industries' premium Backlit Boxes that are offered to customers that want to really shine and stand out from other businesses. Not only are these light boxes made from anodized aluminum, but businesses can get these in either a smooth black or silver finish, which adds a unique and interesting touch to the box. These boxes also have our exclusive, clear acrylic diffuser panel that spreads the light evenly throughout the light box. With the AlumiTec brand, you can upgrade your Backlit Boxes to either double-sided boxes or ultra-thin light boxes.

All of Tec Art Industries' business signage products are designed to enhance the visibility of your business message and logo. Whether you need to bolster sales or simply create awareness about a certain product or service offering, Tec Art offers Backlit Boxes for every reason.

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