A Frame Sign

Creating brand image with an A Frame Sign


What can an A frame sign do for your business? Lots of things. An A frame sign is beneficial in many ways. These signs can create brand image and provide effective advertising for your business. They also are portable and flexible.


Gaining Consumer Attention


Creating an image for your business can be difficult. In the busy world of advertising, gaining the attention of customers is very challenging. More often than not, your business can go unseen and passed over if your brand image isn't one that jumps out to customers in new, creative ways. Location of the advertisement and the ability to gain attention are most important when building a brand image. The use of an A frame sign can help.


The A frame sign that Tec Art Industries manufactures is versatile. They are light weight and easy to move. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, an A frame sign can be placed almost anywhere. They can be personalized with a variety of colors and graphics as well as give your business a personalized image.


Lasting Impressions


Standing out among competitors is important for any business. Attracting attention to your brand is extremely reliant on image and first impressions. Methods of advertising used to draw in customers can be mundane and not very memorable. A creative way to draw attention to your business could be to place more than one A frame sign along a sidewalk in order to provide directions to your business establishment. A simple arrow graphic on the A frame sign can blaze a trail to creating a fun, new way for potential customers to locate your business. This advertising method will leave an impression on your customers and begin constructing a brand image that is new and exciting.


Once a potential customer has arrived to your location, use an A frame sign to advertise any products or services that are special or unique to your business. Post them in lobbies, along hallways or even in restrooms. Most importantly, carry your brand image throughout the building in order to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and customers. An A frame sign makes creating a brand image for your business both simple and fun.


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